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Kishore Kumar

A Comedian Wrapped in a Singer or was it the Other Way Around? There are very few members of the Bollywood film fraternity who can be truly called multifaceted. Most of them excel in one field and just about tinker around in the other fields of their profession. Amitabh is a great actor,  a mediocre singer and fairly good TV anchor. S D Burman was a great musician and also a … [Read more...]

Top 10 Dark Horses of Bollywood – The real underdogs!


They surprised and delighted us with their successes and their blockbuster. The dark horses of Bollywood - actors who defied all their critics and contemporaries to achieve fame and fortune beyond reason. What was it that made them so big? As you look at the latest crop of stars and starlet of the last decade in the Bollywood industry most of them seem to be the progeny of … [Read more...]