Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan – Can these living legends be compared?

If your first reaction after reading the title was – ‘ Oh no! Not again!’ or something to that effect, we apologize. But the comparison between Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan is so interesting, we felt the site was incomplete without it. In fact, any Bollywood loving journalist will eventually come to the point when he feels like comparing these living legends simply because they have given so much to Indian cinema.

One of the favorite coffee table discussions in the Hindi film industry is – who is the greatest ‘Khan’ – is it the flamboyant Shah Rukh or intense perfectionist Aamir. Is it the suave and charming Saif Ali Khan or Salman Khan with his huge fan following?

Is it a case of jostling for position among equals or is it a case of one of them standing head and shoulders above all the others?

This discussion can only be charted out by analyzing the contributions, on-screen acting ability to churn out box office blockbusters, off screen popularity, and a general success rate as the most talked about superstar of Bollywood. Considering these five factors, one can easily shorten the list to Aamir and Shah Rukh who tower over all the others. Out of all the actors in Bollywood at the moment apart from a certain Amitabh Bachchan, only SRK and Aamir have managed to deliver films which have earned widespread success across international borders – critical and commercial.

Who is a better actor?

Aamir has acted in much fewer films, so there really cannot be a comparison made on this kind of premise. It is believed that he accepts very few films and only those where he is sure he can give a great performance. Here is a breakdown of his recent hits –

  • Ghajini showcased a new Aamir – intense and full of rage. He built the physique of a fighter after three months of intensive workouts which instantly set trend of working out across gymkhana’s in India.  Add to this the Ghajini buzz cut which was a rage all over the country too.
  • Fanaa – Aamir was the sophisticated terrorist doubling up as a poetic guide – he charms you with witty shayari and frightens you with cold blooded looks. Though the film was badly reviewed, it was a box office hit.
  • Rang De Basanti – in these days of angst and simmering discontent, he seemed to personify our desire to get rid of all the corrupt people of our society. The ‘DJ’ of RDB with his rustic accent and charming smiles won hearts across the country and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra became a critically acclaimed director.
  • Dil Chahta Hai – This is one the few Hindi films with a cult fan following and here again Aamir made an indelible mark on the audience. This time, Aamir was the urban I-don’t-believe-in-love-shove boy who eventually falls badly in love.
  • Lagaan – Versatility is something with which Aamir fills his appetite for success. If he could play the role of an urban super rich dude in modern India, why couldn’t he play a role a villager in Pre-Independance India when the British Raj was at it’s full glory? Play he did and not only did this periodic masala became an instant blockbuster, it was nominated to the prestigious Academy Awards America as well.
  • Taare Zameen Par – Having had enough of ‘hero’ type roles, Aamir plays the teacher in this touching film which again won lots of critical awards and acclaims throughout the world. Incidentally, his role began in the second half of the film!
  • 3 Idiots – Again! Aamir must have told himself – “If I can play a teacher, why can’t I play a student’s role?” And lo behold! We saw a fascinating display of genius in the role of Ranchchodas Chanchad. 3 Idiots broke nearly all records for being the highest grossing film of Bollywood ever.

These are but a few examples of his acting prowess – he has the ability to get under the skin of a role – he makes you forget that it is Aamir acting, the role is always sharply etched, and always played with a finesse that only a great performer can have.

A comparision of Shahrukh and Aamir Khan

Shah Rukh’s acting is also of a superb caliber, quite distinct from Aamir’s style. The histrionics and the emotions have always been portrayed with an unmatchable intensity. Shah Rukh, unlike no other actor has the unique ability to make us laugh or smile at the most ordinary of moments. Even today if you see ageless romcoms like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Dil To Pagal Hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, or the more recent Devdas, you cannot help but feel happy and nice and sad and emotional, all at the same time.

However, Shah Rukh has the exclusive distinction of introducing the anti-hero in hindi films with his cult movies such as Baazigar and Darr. These were first class thrillers delivered by an actor who, so was the general consensus, specialized in romantic and mushy love movies.

In Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, he plays the role of a simple small town man, with an added persona of a ‘macho’ dancer. How can you forget Chak De India – where without the addition of scantily clad heroines, he carried a great hit on his wide shoulders. Om Shanti Om – was glamor all the way, with Shahrukh in his element playing a double role.

Shah Rukh – The King Khan – has always been the producer’s and audience’s favorite with his versatile and moving roles.

If one compares their Box-office hits, Shahrukh emerges as a clear winner. Every film of his has usually been a hit – and the producers seem to be laughing all the way to the bank.

One of India’s most popular films, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge was SRK’s film and for a long time held the record of the biggest money raker in Bollywood until  Ghajini surpassed it. Then came 3 Idiots and beat them them all!

Who is more versatile?

There we will have to declare a tie – both excel in light hearted films  – remember Shahrukh in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Aamir in Raja Hindustani and Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak. Both of them can produce intense performances in heart wrenching films such as Taare Zameen Par and Devdas. Somehow we are beginning to take it for granted that their films will have superlative performances and will be very successful.

However, if you look at their last 2 films which were super hits in Bollywood, Aamir will definitely seem to be more versatile. He played the role of a teacher in Taare Zameen Par and that of a student in 3i. Of Shahrukh’s last 2 films (in which he starred in a leading role) were My Name is Khan and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – An autistic genius and a simple man.

shah-rukh-khan-and-aamir-khan-2-2Who is Number One?

Now that question is subjective and the answer depends on the time period you are talking about. When Taare Zameen Par was released everyone said that Aamir is the greatest. However, a little later came Rab Ne Baba Di Jodi – and Shahrukh seemed to be waving the winner’s flag. This reversal of positions has been happening for many years.

So our humble opinion is that while Shahrukh Khan is a better entertainer, Aamir is the greater actor.

Upcoming Hindi  Movies of Shahrukh and Aamir

Shahrukh Khan will be seen in Ra. One which is due for release by the end of this year. Other than that, he will also continue as the lead in Farhan Akhtar’s Don 2, the shooting for which has yet to start.

Aamir Khan has only one major acting project coming up – Dhobi Ghat. The promos are out and so are the previews. Catch all the action and buzz surrounding Dhobi Ghat.

Conclusively, there really is no clear-cut answer to this question – they are incomparable actors quite responsible for raising the bar of Hindi movies and we are indeed blessed to be able to watch their movies during the peak of their careers.

Well, that was my opinion. What is yours?

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  1. ashish says

    Much talked topic but a bit of cliche, the comparison above is a sound one as i find that in the initial phase of their careers shahrukh took some really bold steps and this also makes it commendable that he was an outsider..not much options left for him but movies like Baazigar, Darr, Raju ban gaya gentlemen, DDLJ were really put him in a different league of actors. As he become known face and found his romantic raj and rahul reel persona, he kind a repeating himself though all these movies were box office winners but still he failed to use his stardom to venture into unexplored arena.On the other hand Aamir as an actor constantly strive for perfection and content. In his initial phase also he did some hatke movie like Jo Jita wohi Sikander but repeatedly got himself in the skin of intelligent, street smart, chocolaty boy kind of characters in movies e.g. andaz apna apna, Dil hai ki manta nahi. if we talk about current phase of both the actors Aamir is a sure shot winner in terms of everything. Selection of movies by him shows his maturity and constant urge to try something new untouched intricate and meaty roles which would be watched again n again by people.

    So final conclusion is that with time Aamir has taken a prominent lead over shahrukh and he is undoutedly the No.1 or wahtever term u could chose for this gr8 rivalry of our time.

  2. Aryaan says

    It was SRK before, but Aamir has changed that.Now indeed it is Aamir the no 1 actor.

    But it will be Hrithik who will be the legend of bollywood in the next 10 yrs.Hrithik is a perfectionist next to Aamir and currently he is only 35.So after 10 years no doubt he will be the legend of bollywood surpassing Amitabh and Dillip Kumar. Hrithik has the only capability to represent the bollywood in world cinema.Let's hope for a better future of bollywood.

  3. sadab says

    In my view,its SRK.aamir no doubt is a great actor but he does very few films in which he is assured of sucess.SRK has done many different roles in the last few years like chak de,swades,asoka,which proves his more comments ITS SHAHRUKH the king of bollywood.

  4. says

    there is no comparison btw amir and srk coz if we talk about acting then shahrukh is not even near amir because amir khan puts himself in the character no matter what chafracter he plays now let me give you one example in main hoo na srk played a sipahi with long hair role now that is not a versality because fauji people dont keep long hair – and in the climax how can anyone chase a van with fucking rikshaw i think he was trying to become keanu reeves from matrix, he just knows one thing how to dance a sing around trees with girls in movies because thats what he has been doing for years, he needs some change now – he should do some different roles and on the other hand amir khan according to character chnages his hairstyles in almost evey movie. HE IS THE BEST "AMIR KHAN"..amir khan does not attend award functions therefore award automatically goes to srk's way and even akshay said in his interview that he was asked by filmfair to perform in the filmfair

    show and they will give him award…and naseerudin shah said that bollywood awardss are joke only amir is the person who has been to OSCARS…….AND HE WILL AGAIN…

    1. 1947 The Earth was selected for OSCARS…

    2. Laggan was selected for OSCARS…

    3. Rang De Basanti was selected for OSCARS…

    4. Taare Zameen Par was selected for OSCARS…

    What else i can say for this….

    • my name is khan says

      aur haan , jahan tak baat hai ek jaise hi role karne ki , 20 saal tak ek jaise roll karke iss samjhdaar janta ki aanko ka taara bannne ke liye talent chaahiye . he is king khan in the eyes of public. wo ek jaise hi roll karta hai , phir bhi king hai bollywood ka . waise usne difrent roll bhi kiye hain , par har roll mein mohabat bhi bhar deta hai . jaise main hoon naa mein bhai aur maa ke liye. chak de mein desh ke liye mohabaat thi . kyonki states ke naam naa usko sunaai dete hain aur naa dikhaai dete hain . bas ek naam sunaai deta hai . i n d i a aamir ek cheap insaan hai aur kuch nahi.

    • my name is khan says

      tumne aankde to dikha diye, lekin ye nahi socha ki hum aamir ko sirf jab tak yaad rakhte hain jab tak uski film dekh rahe hote hain , par srk ko hum hamesha hi yaad rakhte hain jab uski film nahi bhi dekh rahe hote . uski baaton ka asar tum mahsoos karna jab uski koi bhi film utha kar dekhna . uske jaise dailogue dilivery aamir to kya, kisi ki bhi nahi hai. jo bhi kuch ab tak maine kaha ye 100 percent sach hai dost. yahaan tak ki aamir ko bhi pta hai ki main chaahe kitni bhi mehnat kar lu , srk is even best, srk ki baraabri main kabhi bhi nahi kar sakta . srk ke pass great sense of humour hai . aamir ke pass nahi hai , issliye media ka saamna nahi kar sakta . aur use pta hai ki awaard to srk ko hi milna hai, aur ye aaamir se bardaast nahi hoga , issliye awaards mein nahi jaata hai aamir. personaly bhi, aamir is cheaper innsaaan . usne apne sage bhai ko paagal saabit kar diya , aur aapne paapa ko gift mein di hui car bhi waapis le li. he is bad person . wo apne faayde ke liye kisi had tak jaa sakta hai, jabki srk ke maa baap aaj jinda nahi, par phir bhi wo unko apna khuda maante hain. aur agar salman ki baat karoge , to acting ke maamle to salman , srk ke saamne kahi bhi nahi tahrta , kam se kam aamir tahar to jaata hai. dost ,acting wo hoti jo film dekne ke baad bhi dil par apna asar chodde. aur ye baat sirf aur sirf srk mein hai. he will be always best . chalo maante hain ki 3 idiot bahut badi hit thi , par aaj ek bhi chiz yaad nahi uss film ki , par chak de ke 70 minute aaj bhi kaano mein gunjte hain . ek ek dialogue tak yaad ho jaaata hai srk ka bola hua , aur asar bhi daalta hai. par aamir to aise bolta hai jaise simple bolta hai. uske pass ada hi nahi , naa hi expression , naa hansi , naa ro sakta hai wo, naa dance accha , bas uske pass srk se ek chiz acchi rahti hai, wo hai script , yani usko jab ye siure ho jaata hai ki ye film hit hogi hi, tabhi usko sign karta hai , parsrk ka kahna hai ki hum to bhaiya jab dost majaaak mein kah dete hain ki chalo yaar ek movie banaate hai, to banaa dete hain , aamir jitna sochte nahi. ab baat aai ki nahi ki kyon srk best hai. aamir khan ko srk jaisa banne ke liye karodo janm lene padenge . srk is the best . ye baat ab samajh mein aa gayi hogi dost . hai naa.

  5. says

    If you are here and trying to tell the world that Aamir is not an actor I think , You better off in this blog. Becuase you have no sense that what you are saying. Let me tell you the story. All the major famous and legend actors said about aamir khan , that he is today Gurru Dutt or Dilip Kumar. This is not my words. This is what other Greate actors says about him. Take a look Kofee with Karan , Randhir Kapoor said , According to me Aamir is a great actor and I am seeing him in future Greater then Dilip Kumar or Raj Kapoor. Shah Rukh is popular but remember there is a defference between ACTOR and STAR. Shah Rukh Khan is a Star not an Actor , Aamir Khan is an Actor and he is also supper Star. So please dont say against Aamir becuase you dont like him, You can not ignore or hide the reality. I hope this will gives you the answer. If you have any question email me.

    • Aquif Shaikh says

      I Totally agree with you Anuj…..Amir is a more mature actor….SRK can just HAM……But yep most people love is hamming…When ur watching Shahrukh movie, we’ll surely get entertained by the movie….But wid Amir you dont feel like ur watching a Movie….Am surprised no one ever mentioned Rangeela…I Felt dat was one of his best roles….His appearance.. His accent…His emotions…They were so natural….Shahrukh will never ever be able to give such performance…..
      Bottomline is for people who just want entertainment can love SRK….And for mature peaople looking for some serious and sensitive cinema with brilliant acting…Amir has to be the fav….

  6. shahrin shahriar says

    I think Aamir Khan is a one of the best actor in the world Anju said a perfect word Sharukh is a star not an actor.Aamir is a world class actor thatz why he went for Oscar twice,He's the best………

  7. Mohammad Iqbal Safi says

    A good judgement a professional judgement not emotional.

    I am an eager beaver of Aamir khan but I accept this that Shahrukh is a better entertainer and Aamir Khan a better actor and I can Say that Aamir is the No 1 actor in Bollywood and Shahrukh is a No 1 entertainer in Bollywood, but the question is if someone cannot make funs and make entertainments can we call him an actor and if someone is not a good actor how can he make funs and make entertainments in his films for his fans?????????????????????

    I am confused please someone answer this question I am waiting.

  8. anup says

    No Doubt Aamir is the better in terms of his acting ability, choosing the script, being perfection, promotion, to be honest if he is lacking in some areas is his dressing sense otherwise I have nothing to say that he is a real Super Star and great Actor of Bollywood. Sharukh is good actor and a performer but being compared with AAMIR his no. comes only after AAMIR. Look from the Beginning of Aamir's Career he did not choose any Big Banner or Big Directors I salute his guts to accept unusual kind of script and live upto the Characters. Where as Sharukh always gone with the Banners and look all his block busters are with Yash Rajs, Johars, Subhash Ghai and so… on It is not because of Aamir is my favourite but really being honest even If I am a great fan of Sharukh I would have given the same comment.


  9. says

    aamir is clearly no 1. All his movies are blockbusters and it has variety.He doesn't need a johar or chopra to deliver hits.Ghajini holds the biggest hit of the decade year and no one else could direct a cult classic like Taare zameen par. SRK is ok bt he is living on media support and networking within industry.Most of hs films are love stories so he needs another 50 yrs to come close to Aamir. Aamir Khan is a legend.

    However loved SRK's performance in kabhi ha kbhi na, DDLJ, chakde,yes boss and swades. He is good bt not the best n certainly not no1.

    Take it or leave it.

  10. js says

    srk is undoubtedly no.1…….he is so close to even a simple mans heart……..he's a family man…….SRK IS THE NO.1 …..BEST…..KING OF BOLLYWOOD…….

  11. Sandeep says

    This question itself sound to be stupid one..

    Definitly Aamir Khan. He is the only King Khan watever this site says or any other magazines. SRK is no wer compare to Aamir. SRK is only doin good coz of his hitz songs delivered in movies bt not with his acting…If you are a good observer than you can see wenever there is SRK and any other actor in his movie SRK is oberserved no wer neither in looks nor in acting. Really dont know y he is called a super star wen he is a really very stupid actor n rude fellow a very snobby person in real life.

    Well for next 10 years its goin to be HRITHIK coz he is the only actor after AMITABH who rocked the nation even more he is the only perfect Tallented personality wit each n everything in him (Dance, Perfect Structured Build, Acting, A Real Stunt Mania, A really good fighter n definilty A FANTASTIC ACTOR).Lets see a better future in bollywood.

  12. Mosaraf says

    There is no doubt that both Shahrukh and Amir are best .As a actor there is no one near Shahrukh.HE IS NO "1" FOREVER

  13. abir khan says

    no doubt srk is the best actor. amir is the greatest foul actor. amir is too small to act. he has no style which we want. The people of this planet think that my name is khan is better than 3 idots…………….

  14. arsi says

    no oubt both r great actors but aamir khan is not even one half of SRK as srk said I ONLY SAY KKKKIRAN AND HE LOVE KKKKKIRRAN. I LOVE U SRK

  15. says

    Do you know the funny thing here is? some obsessive Aamir khan fan wrote all the comments himself with other peoples names what a lowlife my gosh..And yh Shahrukh khan is best. The other1 gets fame because shahrukh khan made the name khan famous.

  16. youssef srk4 ever says

    there is no comparison srk is the best aamir is adwarf cant act he is acopy cut

    ghajini stolen from momento

    akele hum from kramaer vs kramer

    tzp from the french film the 400

    raja hindustani from kaghaz ki phool

    3i plageriesed from 5 point some one and the writer wikll sue him and his director sr

    srk is the original best actor in the world

    read wikipedia

    Shahrukh Khan (Hindi: शाहरुख़ ख़ान, Urdu: شاہ رُخ خان; born 2 November 1965), sometimes credited as Shah Rukh Khan, is an Indian actor and a prominent Bollywood figure, as well as a film producer and television host. Khan began his career appearing in several television serials in the late 1980s. He made his film debut in Deewana (1992). Since then, he has been part of numerous commercially successful films and has earned critical acclaim for many of his performances. Khan has won thirteen Filmfare Awards for his work in Indian films, seven of which are in the Best Actor category.

    Khan's films such as Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (1995), Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (1998), Chak De India (2007), Om Shanti Om (2007) and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008) remain some of Bollywood's biggest hits, while films like Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (2001), Kal Ho Naa Ho (2003), Veer-Zaara (2004), Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006) and My Name Is Khan (2010) have been top-grossing Indian productions in the overseas markets, making him one of the most successful actors of India.[2] Since 2000, Khan branched out into film production and television presenting as well. He is the founder/owner of two production companies, Dreamz Unlimited and Red Chillies Entertainment. Khan is today considered to be the world's most successful movie star,[3] with a fan following numbering in the billions[4] and a net worth estimated at over Rs 2500 crore (US$ 540 million).[5] In 2008, Newsweek named him one of the 50 most powerful people in the world.[3]

  17. arjun says

    srk rocks,he is god of bollywood as sachin is that of cricket.lets think srk quits bollywood will aamir fill dat vacant space,no with simple man its so hard to be a man who owns 2500 crores and many more billions of hearts.he is a rockstar,we luv him.he is real inspiration to us where aamir is taking safe side of selecting scripts and hence acting,srk is simply rocking khan.aamir is no near srk,indeed very far behind him.

  18. says

    i want to say that in acting SRK is better becoz of his unique style amir is said to be the perfectionist but dont forget that 3 idiots was first offered to SRK and know becoz of SRK has huge fans few people dont like him so it will not make an effect to his image

  19. Asad says

    SRK can't be compared with Aamir.

    If you are talking about acting, without a doubt it's SRk.

    different sorts of character can't make u No.1. Like aamir is doing.

    Whenever we say the king khan,

    everybody knows it's Sharukh Khan.

  20. amit says

    aamir khan is the best actor,star,and entertainer in bollywood.he cannot be compared with srk,he can only be compared with amitji.he is brand,his first debut as director,gave him the award, his production house aamir khan production is a jewel now srk's production red chillie is dump now.his films nominated 4 oscars 4 times,peepli live which does not have any popular star cast has driven the box office only bcoz of powerful aamir khan involvement.moreover filmfare has judged aamir khan the most powerful man o srk is only driven by good directors but aamir khan is not driven by anybody ,he does not depend on any star cast,directors.he is independent and god.

    so do not do the wrong comparision of aamir with srk ,can compare with amitji.

  21. saurabh says

    Srk is the best…. he is the King Khan and that is accepted by all… and no one should disagree abt this. as a entertainer all will agree that Srk is the best entertainer. now comes to as an actor- srk did all kind of role like villains, romantic, thinking man(swades,chak de India), stylish role(don), an intense lover(devdas, dil se),comedy(oso, baadsah) simple guy(khkn, rnbdj, raju ban gaya gentlemen, yes boss), action role(josh,ra-1), an old guy(veer jara) a dumb guy(koyla). A tapori(ram jane) even a different kind of role in ashoka, my name is khan, hths, kank and paheli. even he has done offbet films lyk hey ram, maya memsab. so he is surely more versatile than any other (even amitabh bachhan)… now if it comes to acting in movies than u should see his acting in khkn, rnbdj(suri's role), chak de india, swades, devdas, ashoka, darr, bazigar, veer jara, maya memsab, mohabbtein, my name is khan,…… and the fact is that he has done these movies wid 3 movies per year wid all advertisements, ipl, production,tv shows…. Not lyk aamir who does only one movie at a tym. So he gets enough tym to understand the character or researching the character…. Aamir’s acting has lack in spontaneity.. his acting is nt natural bt it is a method acting. A comment about aamir’s acting I have read on msn website and I want to share to u. in that article it is written that Aamir Khan approaches acting as if he is an 'ambitious' sage on penance. Even the minutest gesticulation is broken up into detailed micro moments and enacted with panache. Such fanatic adherence to theory has helped Khan come out with flying colours in movies such as 'Lagaan', 'Dil Chahta Hai', 'Rang De Basanti', 'Taare Zameen Par', and 'Ghajini'. But it has also ended up in his overworking on the character and leaving absolutely no space for spontaneity, as was evident in the weak portrayal of Mangal Pandey. Aamir's acting is more a dissection than an exploration. The result: He is consistently good and rarely excellent. And u can read this article on link… . But srk’s acting is kind of exploration and spontaneous which comes from insight….although it depends on actor what they want. Srk want to entertain people so he does every scene spontaneously. Only cutting hair is nt acting. Aamir does this to overemphasize his role. Why it is needed to grow beard for Mangal pandey. Couldn’t he use a wig. And shahrukh is doing many works at a tym so shahrukh khan is a better actor. and to be honest both can do only some type of role as aamir can’t do chak de india and srk can’t do lagan. Bt srk is more versatile. Now if u say that srk is all tym only talks abt himself or says that he is the best. Then I’ll say those who r really best can say this. Aamir says that abt LATAji, sachin that they never say himself best. Then if u can notice that aamir is saying himself best indirectly by this, and it is the thinking of Lataji and Sachin that don’t say himself best. Bt they never say that someone else is nt best. Aamir always takes help of these people. Have u noticed that if a director want a special appearance then they prefer srk most. Even some film lyk silsely, kuch meetha ho jaye, dulha mil gaya were sold by name of srk. This case shows actually who is best..even many documentaries lyk The Inner and Outer World of Shah Rukh Khan and many books are on srk. Even tv-shows named reveled srk and another named living with a superstar featured his personal lyf and these r the shows for discovery and other interational channel. He has 4 wax staues in world that no body from india have even mr. gandhiji. And if aamir has done a great direction in tzp then srk also done stunts directing in many films. He came from a middle class family and is on no. 1. Has aamir done this? He also fought for his love and aamir divorced his love after 15 yr marriage. So this clearly shows his mentality. He comes for social issue only when his movie is coming. And talking abt awards- aamir borrows Oscar and ignores our Indian awards. He didn’t do for promoting Indian cinema to world. But srk not only promoted Indian cinema to world, bt he brought Indian cinema to the new untouched area of world and that all is on own risk. He promotes Indian movie to world so world like us bt he never ignore Indian movies. He says that if he is the king here then why should he become a dog in Hollywood. And have u noticed a fact that every year stars come and go. But srk is always there. All stars compared wid him whether it is hiritik, aamir, sallu, akshay, big b. but srk is always there. When a film goes high then all say that srk to gaya bt then next year it again happens wid now new avtoe bt srk is there. So people jst compares him wid all actors. It is said right by him that he is the reference. even aamir used his brand for promoting ghazini. And we all know that aamir remains in news because of rivalry wid srk otherwise he will not remain in news. And aamir uses the dirty languages for commenting on srk as saying srk is my dog’s name. but srk never did such things, he only replies of comment on himself. And now one of the greatest thing u should notice that if a person is saying aamir is best then he always tells abt the negatives or weakness of srk for proving his view. Bt he tells the qualities of aamir or smtymes only some. Bt he tells more abt disqualities of srk. So a aamir fan has nothing to say abt aamir’s qualities. Bt srk’s fans have lots of thing to say abt srk. So srk sais truly “u can love me, hate me bt u can’t ignore me.” So all aamir fan, u all should tell abt aamir nt srk. And one last pt I want to mention that anybody can think that aamir takes more risks than srk. Than for them I have to say that srk has started to take risk by making paheli, ashoka, my name is kahn. And also previously he has taken by acting in darr and bazigar by acting in a negative role and also earned a lot of praise. So clesrly srk is the best. U all should agree now.

    • Vicky says

      You’re a super idiot hhhh you need to get a life, By all means :Fanaa was very bad movie? Of course idiots like you will say that becoz they believe Kajol cannot act without SRK hahahah stupid the fact is that Kajol and Aamir burned up the screen in Fanaa with their chemistry and they have more chemistry onscreen than SRK and Kajol maybe the end of the film was a bit overrated but the music, romance, concept, Aamir+Kajol were fantastic at least it was much better than the most sensless film of recent times KANK. And what about the Disater Rab Ne Bana De Jodi and the most crappy film of the decade Om Shanti Om?, What about the boring shit Main Hoon Na? The piece of crap and big flop Billu?? Mangal Pandey was a flop? Maybe but it was the biggest opener of 2005 and Aamir’s performance was Exellent besides the film was quite Brilliant and what about SRK’s Asoka which was a disaster across the circuit? and if you believe Mangal Pandey was Aamir’s biggest flop then please do not forget SRK’s super duper flop Swades! Aamir was Lucky to have Lagaan? loool or in other words you should have said he was intelligent, he had the guts to finance such challenging film, he kept his money on that project and produced a mastepiece!!!one of the greatest films ever made! if Aamir didn’t accept the film, Lagaan would have never been made as Aamir produced it! so we should all be thankful to him and Ashutosh for contributing this masterpiece NOT the dumb SRK who ran away and hadn’t the guts to act in such film because he thought it wouldn’t succeed he prefers working with yash fucker raj and that gay koffee drinker, he only works with big directors, in films which success at BO is sure, He does not take the challenge to act In small budget films! IDIOT!! He has chosen making a piece of crap ASOKA which failed miserably at BO in front of Lagaan, so only because SRK did not accept Lagaan does not mean Aamir was Lucky you all have to remember that” Aamir is the one who produced the film apart from acting in it”, So is this called by luck? I mean there’s no one more lucky than SRK who receives all the good films but rejects them because of his stupidity, Aamir was not Lucky, Aamir followed his heart and believed in Lagaan he believed that he can do it , he knew Lagaan can be the best and It eventually was. Because Aamir is hardworker, intelligent he’s someone who believes in his caliber, and gut, and fears to disappoint his fans so that was the result: Lagaan was the best film of the decade if not of all time and even nominated to the prestigious OSCARS and was a Super hit of that year I guess you all know it’s not easy at all to make a period film successful at BO and only few actors can do it, While Shahrukh’s Asoka was a terrible film and a box office Disaster!:p…Besides I think Aamir deserves all the success he got for Lagaan, he deserves a Royal Salute for his great work and guts! Also I was glad when Aamir acted in Lagaan, God! his performance as Bhuvan was just Outstanding and so heart touching, I don’t believe that Shahrukh could have delivered even near to him, he definitely deserved all the best actor trophies he got for it. In fact I can never imagine SRK at Aamir’s place in Lagaan or any of AK’s films oof thank god after all!, i was also happy when he didn’t act in 3 idiots God! he looks too oldieee (above 50)and hella ugly outta all the actors…besides he sucks at comic roles how would he play such role? And that’s why he rejected it he knew he would never be able to act in a role half his age he didn’t want to make fun of himself, But with Aamir it’s different! This guy believes he can do anything, any role whatever it is and YESss!! he acted BRILLIANTLY as A 20 years old student and 3 idiots was an excellent film and the biggest blockbuster of all time: All SRK’s films pale in comparison with this one alone let us not talk about: Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par,Ghajini, Dil Chahta Hai and Lagaan, SRK can make billion of movies like KKKG, Veer-Zaara, RNBDJ, KHNH, Devdas, RNBDJ, MNIK,KANK, DON… but all stand nowhere near to Aamir’s few but Brilliant films…Thank god again SRK would have certainly ruined 3 idiots like he did with Devdas and Don(watch the originals of Dilip Kumar and Amitji and then comment about your fake Don and Devdas)!! Ghajini was a remake but everyone agrees that it was much better than the Tamil one in all aspects, And did you forget Don? God! it was nothing but a joke of Remake and the most fake film I have seen in recent times(even the music), besides it was a Flop at BO and one of those films were sleeping is necessary Lolz , With Farhan Akhtar the only film that was truly great was Dil Chahta Hai and that too because of super talented Aamir not to forget Saif and Akshay too they were superb as well as the film.
      Do you call that poor performance(or should I say non-perfromance) of SRK in Don acting? it’s called overacting guys nowhere near to Big.B’s superb acting!! And if you’re blaming Aamir for doing one remake then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t also forget to blame SRK for re-making all those films that already rocked the screen before: like “Baazigar” which was almost a remake of “Trishul”, “Devdas” all know that its always of Dilip Kumar, “Don” belongs to Amitabh, “Om Shanti Om” is a remake of superhit, a Rishi Kapoor starrer “Karz” and SRK ruined all these great original films with his overacting, But Aamir took a bigger challenge and made the remake much much better than the original and a bigger hit, besides the original version was Tamil almost no one in the west watched it right? so who cares if it’s a remake? at least for hindi cinema that was something different and new but with SRK what did he think? We all watched the Devdas with Dilip Kumar, Don with Big.B and liked them so it’s useless to make them again that couldn’t touch us for 2nd time!. As for TZP, Amole Gupte wrote an exellent story undoubtedly Kudos to him but did you forget that Aamir is the one who directed,produced and acted In the film? he’s the one who delivered an unbeliavble perfromance from the child and even his performance was acclaimed in the film who told you Aamir took all the credits? He credited Amole many times …besides Aamir didn’t accept any award that year though he received many, What should he do to satisfy people like you?, does he have to run around and tell everyone Amole Gupte is the only reason of the success of TZP!! Amole helped Aamir no doubt because it was his directorial debut and he surely needed a help but Amole at the end did NOT direct the film for him, did NOT produce the film with his own money and did NOT act for him!!!everyone who worked in that film was a reason of its success it’s not only Amole who should be credited but also: Aamir, The child…all those who were part of this film and worked hard to make it But undoubtedly Aamir should be the most credited for this film which definetly belongs to him firstly we all know that! so KUDOS to all the team of TZP esp Aamir for making such great film!!hats off for you Aamir you’re really GREAT! And to SRK’s fans stop crying…and as I said it before you better help him in improving his acting skills instead of fighting for him and humiliating Aamir or any other actor in order to upgrade him, Why can’t you understand SRK is only loved by his blind fans all others deff hate him while Aamir is loved by everyone exept the jealous SRK’s fans ! Aamir K, Big.B, Hrithik R, Naseer.D S, Ajay D, Anil K, Sunjay D…all these are way better actors than your old ugly non-talented so called Shahrukh…All fans of this “bullshit talentless Overactor” are immature, uneducated, and among the list of the most idiotic personalities in the world they need to GO TO HELL!!

  22. shoeb says

    Great answer saurabh.I was hardcore aamir khan and now you have really opened my eyes.Aamir just acts and shahrukh do a lot of things.I regret that I was on Aamir,s side and making body like ghajini, looking young by make up, growing hair and moustache like in mangal pandey is not acting. i can grow hair and can make over like anyone and i have better body than any bolywood star.So i am not a good actor.i am just a stupid common fan of aamir but not anyomre.but atleast i am a good human being and not a traitor like aamir to divorce a wife after 15 years.I hate him now the way i used to like him.everyone please open your eyes aamir only does movies for which he knows that success is for sure and thats why he makes less movies.he has never opted a bad story like shahrukh.he hits himself by selecting good scripts and that is nothing to do with acting, its selecting.and please he is not involved in anything like family or ipl teams and concerts or tv shows but shahrukh is.Please open your eyes.

  23. chuppi khan says

    Well both are best of the best but no comparison of ShahRukh Khan. he’s the NO.1 our KIng Khan mera DON DON DON DON DON DON DON DON DON DON DON DON DON DON DON DON DON DON

  24. says

    Aamir Khan is times better than Srk.Aamir is more versatile.Srk is just a romantic hero.No doubt he is a wonderfull romantic hero but he is not a versatile actor.

    • sanjiv says

      Sounds funny my friend, the fact is versatility and sahrukh are synonym. I dont know how you guys compare amir in Tare jamin par where the child actor did all for the film. I dont say Amir is a bad actor or entertainer but he’s something what we’ll get again for example ritik roshan will take his place in few yrs.

  25. Wittyash says

    Lol!funniest comments ever heard:-)the only difference btwn the two is for the fact that aamir khan sieves for that perfect movie,srk on the other hand takes difficult chalanges of signing the not so appealing scripts n making em perfect with hz hardcore perfomances. We can think of a few actors when signing someone for ghajini but do we enjoy the same priviledge when signing someone for rab ne banadi jodi?point to ponder!

  26. says

    onw of the worst movies I have watched was Rab nay bana di jodi.I can only laugh at those who say Rab nay bana di jodi was a good film.Aamir Khan is most versatile actor of india and srk is just a romantic hero.
    Time has put down srk very down.This is an open reality.

  27. gyan prakash says

    plz don't compare srk wid guys like aamir…no one can b called versatile if his 2 consecutive films are huge hits.amir does those roles vich he feels he is comfortable in.nothin to say abt SRK….JUST HE IS d king of the world.

    • says


      1. RANCHO – 3 idiots.

      2. AAKASH – dil chahta hai.

      3. ACP. RATHOD – sarfarosh.

      4. SANJAY SINGHANIA – ghajini.

      5. MUNNA – rangeela.

      6. AMAR – andaaz apna apna.

      7. DJ – rang de basanti.

      8. RAM SHANKAR NIKUMBH (nikumbh sir) – taare zameen par.

      9. SANJAY LAL SHARMA – jo jeeta wohi sikander.

      10. REHAAN – fanaa. ETC AND MANY MORE. :p

  28. Nadim/SRK says

    Ofcource Shahrukh Khan is NO. 1

    Aamir Khan is No. 2

    Shahrukh khan is king of bollywood

    His movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, is longet runing Film in Bollywood

    In 15 Years DDLJ is collection RS 1200 Caror

    DDLJ= 1200 Caror

    3 idiots= 400 caror+ Ghajini=250 caror+ Tare Zamin Par= 70 caror= 720 caror

    Then Srk Is king Khan No one like SRK

    • sandi says

      this is absolutely true! till another actor has a movie running in excess of 15 years, what more is there to say? Nobody can beat Shah Rukh! aamir might be an *actor* but Shah Rukh, is an Actor AND the ultimate Entertainer. The way he connects to an audience (watch him onstage) is unbeatable.

      and let’s not get into aamir’s morals… apart from ditching his first wife & family to have an affair with an english girl whom he impregnates, then leaves her & their son for another woman… Shah Rukh has said that if ever Gauri was not in his life, he would never have another woman in his life. Since the day he met Gauri when she was 14 and 1/2, and he was about 18-19, he has never known or wanted another woman. He would NEVER leave his family.

      and why does everyone call aamir a perfectionist? Shah Rukh is just as much a perfectionist, without making such a song & dance about it.

      aamir can’t dance, and as a non-desi, I have to say, he’s not attractive at all. There would be a big credibility gap for me to see him do romantic roles.

      Shah Rukh is King Khan, Baadshah of Bollywood, a charismatic & talented Entertainer and a decent, moral person.

    • says

      hahahahhahahahhahahahhhahahahhahah… 1200 crore,, ??? then y 3 idiots is called the record biggest blockbuster of all time ??

  29. Osama bin zakaria says

    Offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, Why? there is comparison between King Khan and amir. He is the King Khan, Bollywood-ka -Badsha. I think, there is a long distance between them. If amir done his best before die, Tab bi he can not reach King Khan-ka Top on the hill.

  30. junaidkttk says

    aamir is best no 1 bcz he proved him self he give his less film bus all are hit and biggest blockbusters but shahrukh has so many film few are flop and average i give credit to aamir his film has story social political cultures every aspect of daily life but shahrukh name is only popular by girls bcz he give most of film romantic and girls like romantic but now a days their is no true love stories in our society so aamir is best i like both

  31. junaidkttk says

    1. Aamir is a marketing genius, and SRK is a king of public relations
    2. Perfectionist attitude of Aamir
    3. A wide variety of roles by Aamir rather than only mushy romances
    4. Aamir is not as worried about his remuneration as his role, script and director
    5. Aamir has an intellectual image
    6. Aamir delivers what he promises
    7. SRK follows Aamir
    8. Aamir is classy, while SRK is massy

    Aamir Khan is the best no 1 bcz he proved him self he give his less film bus all are hit and biggest blockbusters but Shahrukh Khan has so many film few are flop and average i give credit to Aamir his film has story social political cultures every aspect of daily life but Shahrukh name is only popular by girls bcz he give most of film romantic and girls like romantic but now a days their is no true love stories in our society so Aamir is best i like both

  32. shiva says

    according to my opinion both are great actors, aamir is promoting his film very genius and SRK is a king of public relation, but aamir is done few films and he give best films for society, so aamir is the no 1 actor of bollywood

  33. Sandip Mishra says

    Very funny thing! Why waste time comparing both these actors? They both do their best in their movies. Both have merits and demerits. There is nothing such as perfection and if it exists, its greatest defect will be that there will be no growth!

    Its time, instead of going through long discussion watch the movies and enjoy, entertain yourself. If you are a SRK fan, it's fine and it's fine even if you are Aamir Khan's fan.

    And by the way, it does not make any sense to tell who is the number 1. Time will decide as they both are acting and neither have left their acting career. Let's hope they both do good works and I get to watch their movies. I have no problem whether there is SRK or Aamir in the movie, just the movie should be good and I should not feel like wasting 3 hours in cinema hall and paying 500 Rupees! if you are a SRk fan, SRk may be number 1 for you and if you are Aamir khan's fan, Aamir may be number 1 for you.

    Even God does not judge men until his last days, Why should you and I?

    Hope this settles most of the things.

    • prateek says

      Thanks for your feelings Sandip. The thing is, when you're sitting and watching a Shah Rukh Khan movie, it does not evoke the same sense of entertainment that it used to 5 years back. Something has changed about SRK. Whereas, with Aamir, he's only getting better like wine. But that's my personal opinion and since this is a free country, we're all entitled to our own opinions! 🙂

  34. Ram Rohan Raja says

    Prateek, I think you favor aamir khan a lot over shah rukh khan! Why is it that shah rukh khan has fan all over the world and not aamir? Why is it that SRK is better known then aamir?

    After all you say aamir is getting better with age (no doubt) but you cannot just ignore the work SRK puts in for each and every film he does. I think he is a very good actor if not the best.

    • prateek says

      Hello Ram,

      Yes. Personally, Aamir Khan is the most creative actor, director and producer in Bollywood at the moment. How can you say that SRK has fans all over the world and Aamir does not? You're probably saying this because the commercial success of SRK's previous films is much more than that of Aamir's previous films but if you compare their recent films, then…Yes, as a person, Shahrukh is humourous and more cheerful and a lovable guy, which is why people can relate more to him than the ruthless perfectionist in Aamir. It's a bit too early for Aamir's recent films to be considered classics but give them a little time. I am not ignoring SRK's work and dedication – in fact, I am sad that he is not the same actor he was 5 or 10 years back.

      • jyoti says

        Hi Prateek,
        Well it looks like you’ve gotten what you asked for here in this blog! So as a Aamir Khan fan, I have to put my too bits in.

        I will say this: SRK is good, very good and I have been enjoying his movies for a long time. however I will also this that when I go to watch an SRK movie I ususally like to know who the director or production house is because then I know what I am going to watch (the banner usually is agive away). I will watch all movies that have the Johar or Aditya Chopra attached to it because I know it will be good otherwise I wait and see how others react to the movie and may even wait for the DVD.
        On the other hand if I know there is a movie that has Aamir Khan associated with it than it will be worth spending the extra dollars to watch it in the theaters, because Ihaven’t been disappointed by any of his movies since I watched Earth. Since this movie came out, I was given a whole new opinion about Aamir. He is the only Indian actor that has managed to WOW me and many of my colleagues who are not even Indian. Iahve many colleagues that are now Aamir Khan fans but they don’t understand or speak a word of Hindi. I am their link to Aamir’s movies aas they like to say and yes I keep them posted.
        So in my opinion, Aamir is by far the better Actor but you can’t ignore SRK. SRK is a great entertainer and when I want to feel removed from reality than I watch an SRK movie. One other comment, I wanted to make here since everyone is talking about his versitality. When I watched My Name Is Khan, I loved the movie but didn’t care for SRK’s performance, it was Kajol performance that rocked that movie. I have clients that have Aspergers and let me tell you SRK completely missed the boat becasue he loves to over act and he did not portray someone with Aspergers, it was a very fictionalized SRK version of the character (very upsetting to those that know this by the way!).
        These are my reasons and I stand by them 100%.

  35. arshad rasheed says

    i think SRK WON of the best acyor bolly histroy after legend DILIP KUMAR & Amitabh bachan SRK proof what a great and amazing actor aur ab rahi bath Aamir khan ki tu is bath mian koi shak ki gunjaish nhi hy k aamir bhi booly wood ki tarikh ka azeem tareen actor hy

  36. says

    I think both are more than good…and it's nothing like that we should compare two greats with each other both are entertaining and audience catcher…Shahruk has a stardom while aamir has perfection….but if you talk about the numbers of fans round the world than for sure SK is winner similarly more versatile…

  37. says

    amir is best in bollywood ……he is a no. 1 actor ……his few films like

    3 idiots


    taare zameen par

    rang de basanti



    raja hindustani

    are the best in bollywood …so amir is no. 1 in bollywood than shaharukh

  38. kiran says

    Both r best but I always like to watch movies of SHARUKH because I can see his just one movie so many times but Aamir's movies can be see just 1 or 2 times.

  39. wasim says

    aamir khan is real king of bollywood and mr perfect and always nomber one actor best actor in the world only one aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssstttttttttttttttttttttttttttt and
    bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr only one aamir khan

  40. Creativity says

    Well I would say that both SRK and Aamir khan are excellent. They are good in their genre of work and it is best that they should not try to over shadow each other.

  41. Prateek Em says

    Thanks for the additional input..But award ceremonies in India are quite doctored you know. Will not talk further since we don't have solid evidence, but this is what other established actors believe (Naseeruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapoor, Boman Irani and Aamir himself)

  42. Achal Grover says

    You want a perfectionist.You want someone to take care of every penny you spend for theatre tickets.
    That’s Aamir Khan for you.
    Shahrukh is not even an actor.You will find similarities in Shahrukh Khan and Rakhi Sawant.Both are same UNREAL.Sorry SRK you are not even close to Aamir and can necer be.

  43. Saim says

    SRK is the best! This is all I can sum up. Because he has done a lot for the industry, if bollywood is known abroad, so, he has played the major part in it, If we start counting a lots of his participation will come up, but in all I can say he is the biggest. Amir has awoken just now only 3 years back, though working longer than SRK, even Salman, as well. But only SRK has been prominent since his beginning of the career. The biggest thing differentiate among them is that he doesn’t belong to filmy family. While other 2 Khans do. And thats the biggest advantage for them, But SRK is doing everything on his own hard work and belief. Yes, so, he is the best. Forget about the numbering, SRK doesn’t need the numbering. And I WILL SAY…HE IS NOT ONLY THE KING OF BOLLY BUT KING OF HEARTS AS WELL. And not come out in the show just now, like others. He has been in ppl’s hearts since ages, and GOD Willing he will always be. No one can deny the fact, however they can dig, but in their hearts and minds they know that SRK is the KING.

  44. Sami says

    This is a very subjective question:

    There are qualities in each that do not exist in the other: If SRK is witty, a great character, humorous, interested in big films (MNIK sold to Fox, Ra. One is apparently most expensive Indian production). Then Aamir Khan is serious, a small character, more of a black comedian (in that he doesnt joke, but sometimes what he says seriously has a humourous side to it) and is interested in small budget films (e.g Peepli live and now Dhobi Ghat).

    So really comapring these two is like comparing apples and oranges, but my attempt

    Stardom: In India, Aamir Khan is obviously the biggest of the two, but I think Salman Khan by far has the biggest following out of everyone. Overseas, again it goes without saying that Shahrukh Khan has the biggest fan following over there (I was surprised to read that in the UK, 9 out of 10 Bollywood top grossers are his films, 7 in the USA list). So In stardom, I think that Shahrukh Khan has the edge, but only just, Aamir Khan has also got an oscar nomination to his name aswell.

    Talent: This is where I tend to disagree with others about the acting talent that both possess, I think they are equal in this department. SRK has proved with films like Chak De! India, Swades, Devdas etc that he has the talent in his acting, the same talent that exists in Aamir, but the problem is that for every CDI, there is an Om Shanti Om. Its films like Om Shanti Om and Dil to Pagal Hai that have made him lose his own credibility, one wonders why he signs films that require little acting when he is able to pull of roles likes CDI. Another thing I hear about Shahrukh Khan is that he is not versatile, really? pre-2001 he worked in alot of romantic film, yes, yet 9 years later (in which he has displayed more versatility than anyone in Bollywood) people are still accusing him of no versatility, yet a quick glance at his roles say in the past 5 years reveal heavy versatility, in fact his last 4 films have him in roles that are as far apart as can be (An autistic man, A simple lover, A 70’s artist, A hockey coach), so where are these calls of being non-versatile coming from? If you want little versatility, look at Akshay Kumar. period.

    I hear alot about Aamir Khan being a “great actor”, is he? Talented? Of course, brilliant? No. I would say that Aamir uses his acting talent more consistently than any of his contemporaries, I wouldn’t say he is a better actor or even a great actor, he selects role that while being versatile, suit his brand of acting (method), hence there is very little masala etc, and bar 3 idiots, most of his films are thought provoking rather than enteraining (a brand of films that requires different acting). Its suffice to say that from films he picks, he has a slight affinity for the college boy/rich businessman role, in fact he was more versatile in the beginning of his career, so its almost like a role reversal for him and SRK. To say that he does every role with aplomb is also a double edged sword (E,g in 3 Idiots he was adequate, it was the film that worked while Aamir I thought was slightly off)There are alot of actors (read Naseeruddin Shah, Manoj Bajpai, even Ajay Devgan) who are better than both Aamir and SRK, but have not received the same media support. I think with Aamir, in the rush of trying to find superlatives to describe his work, people tend to mix up his acting abillity and his film making ability, the two are mutually exclusive. Aamir Khan is by far the better filmmaker (he does not appear in bad quality films, his talent lies in picking scripts that work) than, forget SRK, most of the credible contemporary film makers/producers that exist today.
    In short Better actor than SRK? Sorry I fail to see any evidence, SRK has shown he has the same ability to get into the skin of the character, but strangely chooses scripts that require hamming. Aamir Khan has used his acting talent more consistently with nearly ever role requiring that form of character acting? that I will almost certainly agree with.

    As far as filmaking is concerned, SRK has displayed little talent at e.g picking scripts, which means his films are rarely of a high standard, there in lies the defining difference between the two. Aamir Khans insistence to be involved with the film making process plus his own greater knowledge of it gives him the edge as a film maker, it ensures his films will be remembered, not necesarilly for the roles he has in them but for the fact that they are of a high quality. On the other hand, with SRK, because his acting and script piking is topsy turvey (great in one, simply awful the next), whats more likely is that his films will be forgotten but certain roles where he has done exceedingly well will be remembered. In Short SRK will be remembered for being a Unique superstar, Aamir Khan for being a Unique film maker.

    After all this, I still maintain the Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan cannot be compared, they each have made there own niche in which in certain aspects, one is bigger than the other. But overall, they are 2 far apart to create a credible answer to such a trivial question.

  45. abul kalam says

    amir is the only actor in boilywood whose movies contains something different that we expects……everybody knows there is no body in bollywood that can be compared wid amir….he is all in all………..there is gap of sky and land between srk and amir…….so it will be meaningless to compare srk with amir……….and all u friends just go to cinema to watch dhobi ghat in jan21….and decide who is amir

  46. Sharmila says

    Aamir Khan the better actor definitely!

    SRK could not have acted that well in 3 idiots or any of AK’s movies but AK would have acted and fitted well in any of SRK’s movies…SRK is only good in lovie dovie movies and doesnt do well in comedies…thats my opinion…he is not a good comedian, overall as an actor aamir wins as he is a true actor as he can carry all characters…isnt that what acting is all about?

  47. Chandra Mohan says

    Hi Friends,

    I would not compare Shahrukh & Aamir. SRK is more talented. Had it not been for his talent, I do not think the following would have happened.

    1) Ashutosh approaching SRK for Lagaan (first choice). But then SRK was doing Ashoka another period film. Film went to Aamir finally

    2) Rajkumar Hirani’s first and foremost choice for Munnabhai series was SRK, but due to back problems he was not able to do it and it went to Sanjay Dutt who till date has not faltered only with Munnabhai films

    3) Vidhu & Rajkumar Hirani’s first choice for 3 Idiots was SRK. But there was a fall out with Vidhu and mind you Vidhu Vinod Chopra wanted to work with SRK even before all this in Mission Kashmir where SRK was first choice for Hrithik’s role and Amitabh Bachchan for Sanjay Dutt’s role

    4) SRK was first choice for Jodha Akbar and also Hrithik’s lucky debut hit Kaho Na Pyar Hai. SRK had a very good relation with Rakesh Roshan.

    5) Vishal Bharadwaj wanting to work with SRK for a long time now.

    6) SRK again the first choice for Ferrari Ki Sawari to be produced by Vidhu Chopra

    SRK took risks too

    1) Took a role in Darr rejected by Aamir, mind you Aamir rejected the role and SRK openly approached Yash Chopra and asked him to give him a chance

    2) Baazigar rejected by Salman, he wanted some mother sentiment thing in the movie. But SRK took it up and became a big hit

    3) DDLJ, rejected by Saif but SRK took the risk of being directed by first timer Adi.

    So many more. With Aamir, Fanaa was really a very bad movie. He was lucky to have got Lagaan as SRK was busy with Ashoka and he did not have dates. Mangal Pandey, why no one talks of this very very big flop of Aamir. Ghajini I do not consider it a hit as it was a remake movie. It found favor only with the North West belt whereas down south people had already seen the movie with Surya of Rakta Charitra. Taare Zameen Par I give credit to Amol Gupte for such an excellent story. But I feel bad that Amol did not get any credit and Aamir Khan hogged all the limelite.

  48. jyoti says

    Hi Sammi,
    Yes, I will say I have to agree with you to a certain point. However, to say that SRK is more versatile than AK, is a long shot! When I watch an SRK film I always know what to expect and the acting is 90% of the time right on target (Chakde was an exception-one that he didn’t even want to do! But felt he owed the director a favor and thus he did it).
    My perception is that SRK could do more versatile roles but he prefers to make more money thus prefers the high drama and come look at the King Khan sort of stuff, it’s not as risky if you are only working with big banners. He can’t be bothered by social issues – he comes from a middle class upbringing and thus longs for the money.
    AK on the other hand does not seem to be as concerned about working with big banners- as he comes from an upper class family and money doesn’t hold the same value for him. Thus he takes more risks and has brought more quality into bollywood films. On this side of the planet, North America, Taare Zammen Par has become a phenomenon and has changed people’s opinion of Bollywood cinema altogether. There are people, such as my husband, who would refuse to watch a Bollywood film (because they are all the same-in his opinion) and now are discussing how far they have come with their friends.
    This is the difference between the two in my opinion anyways. One prefers to be known as the Star and the other as the Actor/Filmaker. Neither is wrong or better than the other (I just happen to prefer the ‘thought provoking stuff’ rather the Glitzy stuff.

  49. Sachendra says

    why do we as indians ever compare as who the best actor in Bollywood is. Have we ever heard in hollywood that there is an argument between who the better actor is. Is it Johny Depp or Bratt Pitt or Tom Cruse. We indians make a mockery of ourself. Please leave the two actors alone. As all fingers are not the same, the same goes with an individuals acting. Grow up guys and try to appreciate the hardwork put in not only by SRK or Amir khan but also by other actors who try to entertain us. Cheers

  50. mohammad aadil khan says

    according to me, after yusuf saab, there is only one actor in the world, that is only srk. aamir will never be able to act like srk, how he acted in mnik, best movie of srk till date, now let come to versatility, is there any movie of aamir in which he did a negative role better than darr,romantic role better than ddlj,serious role better than devdas,swades,passionate role like chakde,and many of u dont know of aamirs fan what is method acting,as i am a drama actor i know it, which srk did in mnik, is ther any movie of aamir in which he did method acting, according to me, mnik is the best movie of this decade,according to me aamir is only better in comedies, but who knows both havent worked together, i hope both this superstar will come together one day n show their skills n talent, and then decide who is better, but at present srk is no 1 as an actor with huge fan following around the world, srk also beaten tom cruise in fan following figure, n whatever i have written iare sensible points.

    • jyoti says

      Hey Mohammad aadil khan,
      I just wanted to say one thing to you sir. If you believe that MNIK is SRK’S best movie till date then you should rethink this post. The reason I say this is because as an Actor when you see a script and you are working on the protrayal of that character you should research that character (this is part of your ‘method acting’ – na!). The character he played in MNIK is someone with Aspergers Syndrome (apparently), people with this disease appear completely normal from the outside but have many social phobias. In the movie the social phobias were explained quite thoroughly however the director and SRK missed the point that these people appear like any other walking down the street-yes there are severities of the disease but this point is pretty consistent. In my opinion it just made it easier for SRK to present this character with a marked ‘walk’ so people could tell there was something different. On the other hand compare this direction with TZP and even the little boy’s character (which he protrayed very well) in which it would appear that this just a spoiled kid however when you look deeper there is more to it and that is where the difference lies in the 2 movies! You don’t need to sensationalize/exaggerate everything is what SRK needs to understand.
      Yes, I believe that the 2 should work together but I don’t forsee a script that could put these 2 very different actors together on screen. I think people that like high drama and glitz will like SRK whereas people who like realistic protrayal of characters will like Aamir.

  51. Yuvraj Goswami says

    I don’t intend to spark criticism on this subject, but the reason why this comment comes your way is because the title sort of made me have a say, not on the comparison, but on the title itself. What makes you say that they are living legends! They are just two professionals who have done exceptionally well in their fields. To be a legend, they need to do ‘legendary’ work, something extraordinary. While in this case, the two have managed to make a lot of money and their populist stunts have made people indentify and adore them. So, are we calling them legends just for the fact that they do movies and earn handsome money packages from it? And even if the question is of the kind of movies they enroll for, the movies are not their product, they are a product of the movies. Besides, films are for entertainment. So if the film does manage to move the conscience of the public, it’s a bonus, which might or might not work considering the film’s profits at the end of the day. If it does, credits to the person who has ‘made’ the film, not the person who is the ‘face’ in the film. So, my view is, firstly, they are not living legends; so there is no point in comparing them under the category, but if we have to say who acts better, I am blank… ask the producers who pay them for it!

  52. roshanh says

    hi guys,i wuz goin through all ur comments.quite intresting.i do agree with some dat its not relevent to compare who is d best coz each one got their own merits.but when u guys compare the acting & film making skills dont touch on their private not here to say im Aamir fan.but be liberal & conservertive mind.have u all ever watched Aamir’s interview?he is the panelist for indian cinema for Conclave India.coz he is the only living actor knows bout d future of indian film industry and bring transformation to it.wherelse Shahrukh striving for popularity and short sighted person and worst try to compete with other actors & directors.remember he said d script of Robot is a half baked to Shankar n opted.but now making R.A 1 coz his ego being tested by the storming result of doubt he can bring any character but whithin its boundry.Aamir in the other hand can deliver the character beyond what is my verdict Aamir is no.1 n Shahrukh 2nd.this not to put him down but facts cos im shahrukh fan,i noe bout him most…

  53. pradeep says

    The best idea to compare both the actor is to make them act in a same film.
    Both of them are best actors but on current basis Aamir khan is betert than Shah Rukh Khan,on the other hand he is a best film maker, so much dedicated I have ever seen.
    Aamir Rocks.

    • Prateek Modi says

      I really doubt if they will ever come together and act in the film. If they do, it will be the biggest blockbuster in Bollywood’s history.

  54. Aditi says

    What I don’t understand is why are the people here bringing up Aamir’s personal life? This blog about Aamir & Shahrukh did not mention their personal life once, so what is the need to talk about his life? Would we have liked it if an outsider talked about our lives like that? In any case, now that it has been brought up I would like to clear the air that the people who commented that Aamir ‘cheated’ on his wife are plain wrong. He did not cheat on her. They divorced in 2002 and he started to date Kiran two years after his hiatus (btw, he was on a hiatus in the 1st place because he and Reena had separated and he was depressed of that fact) in 2004. Yes, Aamir and Kiran did meet on the sets of Lagaan, but just because they met there that does not mean at all that he cheated on his ex-wife. If that was the case, why would Reena attend JTYJN’s screening? And why would Kiran to this day keep in touch with Reena? And even at 21, kudos to Aamir for making his marriage last for 15 years. As we all know, they got married at a very young age and such young ages are often led to immaturity, but the fact that their marriage lasted 15 years…or even more..tells you how much they valued each other. However, we think this is a big issue that Aamir divorced his wife is because he is known all over India. When in fact, divorcing has become very common in our society. I am against divorce, however, times come when two individuals just can’t live with each other anymore. So why force a relationship one them when neither of them want to be in it anymore? You guys would have done the same. It’s very easy to point fingers at others, but take a look around you, it happens everywhere. And what about Amitabh who had an alleged relationship with Rekha while he was married to Jaya? He is still considered the Shahenshah of Bollywood, na? (Not that I have any objections) Why don’t you guys bring these actors up? Please let’s not bring up actor’s personal lives. We are no one to comment on their lives.

    And as far as acting capabilities go, like many have said already. They are both good in their own way. One is an entertainer (Shahrukh) while the other is a performer (Aamir) one is a businessman (Shahrukh) while the other is an actor (Aamir). The reason why I am calling Shahrukh a business man is because he is more of an endorser than anything. He has a cricket team, dances at award shows, dances at weddings, makes special appearances everywhere, comes on TV…all because of what? The money. He is a good business man no doubt, but I find him a good actor, not a great one. He is witty and charming and that is one of the reasons he is supposedly the “no. 1” star in India because he can entertain anyone with his talks. Aamir on the other hand, is the exact opposite. For people who said Aamir does one film a year, chooses good scripts so that they can always turn out to be hits…for your information that is called being INTELLIGENT! Shahrukh himself said the same. If he does do one film a year it is because he can give his entire best performance on that one film and leave a lasting impression until next year when he comes out with another film, and longer. He has the intelligence and ability to choose good scripts that will appeal to the audience. So please, do not say something like “he only chooses good scripts” … last time I checked, choosing good scripts mean you are sensible and knowledgeable. Now is that a bad thing? I think not.

    Btw, I am an Aamor fan but have no problems with Shahrukh, I watched most of his movies and did enjoy them. But I just want to say, how many people remembers Shahrukh’s “Apun Bola” instead of Aamir’s “Aati Kya Khandala”? How many of you guys remember Shahrukh’s “Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen” instead of Aami’s “Pehla Nasha”? Many are mentioning Shahrukh’s hits but they seem to be forgetting Aamir’s also. If Shahrukh had DDLJ than Aamir had QSQT and Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander. If Shahrukh had CDI than Aamir had TZP. You cannot mention one’s hits and not the other’s. And for all the people out there, 3 Idiots beat DDLJ and it will be remembered (for the people thinking it was only DDLJ remembered for the past 15 years) you are able to say that about DDLJ now because 3 Idiots is only I year and 1 month old? 15 years from now we will look back and consider 3 Idiots as a great hit, mark my words.

    Aamir changes his style only so that they can suit the characters. If he shaves his head it is because it is required out of him, if he grows it, it is because it is required out of him but regardless if he looks different or not…he is versatile! Shahrukh, I agree had great performances like Darr, Baazigar, and CDI…but you cannot help but tag him as a romantic hero at the end of the day, whereas in the case of Aamir, you just do not know what to tag him as. For the people who said that Aamir had connections to reach the film industry and SRK had to struggle, I agree he had to struggle and he worked hard for it…but it does not mean at all that Aamir didn’t struggle. His cousin got him in the industry but he was all alone as he didn’t have anyone’s support to make a place in the industry. In fact, there is a video on Youtube where it shows how much Aamir struggled during QSQT days. He went out on the streets and promoted his first film with his won two feet very rigorously. He would stop taxi drivers or people on the streets to tell them about QSQT. That is one of the reasons why Aamir always supports young talent so that they don’t have to go through what he went through.

    Overall, all I can say is, Aamir is the better actor but SRK is the bigger star! If we want to really compare the two then get these two in a film together!

  55. Aditi says

    Btw, I forgot to mention, if DDLJ is considered a hit for the past 15 years than what about Andaz Apna Apna? It was a flop back in the 90s but today it is considered as one of the greatest pieces.

  56. Eddy Moore says

    Hi Guys, just wanna say that i am an outsider but i watch every movie of SRK and clearly gives him regard as well as everyone from bollywood call him THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD and KING KHAN as well.
    You can’t compare SRK with Aamir because SRK has done more movies than Aamir and obviously more hits too.
    If we talk about awards so you could not say that the reason of not winning any award is that Aamir didn’t attend award functions because Amitabh won awards while not attending the events.
    Oscars, the movies were selected not for acting the hero but they were selected by showing Indian culture, if Lagaan was there so Paheli was also nominated it depends on the script and good direction.
    So simple, SRK is far way better than Aamir.

    • Aditi says

      @Eddy Moore: correction, Paheli was not there for the Oscars. Yes, they did send the movie but it did not make it to the short list meaning it wasn’t amongst the top 5 nominations that would be shown in the Oscars. 🙂
      And I do not think at all, oh! he has done more movies he has all the rights to be called “King Khan” or whatever you tag him as. So what if SRK has done more movies? I can name many stars who have done more movies than him, can they also be called the “King”? As far as hits go, I think I mentioned Aamir’s hits too. It’s not about who has more hits, but after those hits, which still leave a lasting impression on you. And I think I can say that both made their mark.

      • Prateek Modi says

        You have a valid point there Aditi. Man, I just love when my readers come out and pour out their feelings!

        • Aditi says

          thanks. I am just tired of evryone thinking so highly of SRK. not that I don’t have a problem with him, but when they praise him and bash Aamir they seem to totally forget what Aamir has also contributed to Indian Cinema. Aamir has the guts to finance films that are not financially viable, which is one of the reasons I respect him so much. If you talk about SRK had his hits, you need to talk about Aamir’s also. Otherwise, it won’t be a balanced discussion.

          I went to see Dhobi Ghat today. I enjoyed it immensely. Truly an art film and when I left the theater, my mind was at a very peaceful stage after watching the film. Again, I respect him for producing and starring in a movie that – in my opinion – no actor would have done as the Indian audience may not like it much. The movie will have people who like it and people who don’t like it for sure. But I for one enjoyed it.

  57. Aditi says

    @Eddy Moore: correction, Paheli was not there for the Oscars. Yes, they did send the movie but it did not make it to the short list meaning it wasn’t amongst the top 5 nominations that would be shown in the Oscars. 🙂

    And I do not think at all, oh! he has done more movies he has all the rights to be called “King Khan” or whatever you tag him as. So what if SRK has done more movies? I can name many stars who have done more movies than him, can they also be called the “King”? As far as hits go, I think I mentioned Aamir’s hits too. It’s not about who has more hits, but after those hits, which still leave a lasting impression on you. And I think I can say that both made their mark.

  58. says

    Shahrukh has got style,srk has a Ipl team,srk has got 15 filmfare awards amir hasn’t got all these things srk acting in devdas is better than amir in is clear that srk is better than amir

  59. kusumita nair says

    well’i just want to say that we are no one to decide who is the best we don’t deserve to compare them they both are best in different ways each and every person is special and has a different quality! we all are not so wise that we can compare two living legends of the industry! but the fact is right that aamir is an actor and srk is the star but no one critices rajnikanth to be a superstar and not a perfect actor ! then why do everyone just say srk is superstar and aamir is a perfectionist! no one is perfect in this world not even aamir!!!!!!!!!!! in the end i just want to say that we should stop comparing srk snd aamir as they are stars in their own ways and everyone is!
    but then also if you put ThIs question my second answer would be none other than-SRK aka SHAH RUKH KHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  60. ritesh says

    amir……………………………………………………………………… the best hero. srk is no 6.amir ki pic dek ke log hastey niklte he or ya power se niklte he srk only for cry cry crying .chutiya he srk

  61. akshay says

    Amir SRK…Dont think small guys.. I’ll rather prefer to change the topic… And to the owner who created this forum.. Boss How you managed to leave Salman Khan…??? R u crazy??? Or your frame of mind is actually very mean nd broken.. Perhaps the best has no comparison right here.. Salman Khan Roxx guys!!:):)

  62. forside says

    people think only about Box-Office of the movie, and not about the meaning. So the author did. He mentioned about SO MANY “significant” films made by Aamir Khan, and only a few of the SRK – and he wanted to compare them? It’s not a comparison it’s just protrusion and drain one actor to another. You mentioned the awards of one film and forget to mentioned all others. Why? You display only the information you want to show and have “forgotten” about information of SRK movies. You are not a journalist, you just a scribbler who looks for his benefits.
    You began well but your article is unreasonable bullshit.
    Learn more about this theme and you’ll understand that it doesn’t matter the box office thereal thing is the stye of act and actors energy they put into a film. And the best one will be Sharukh. He made lots of really intresting movies with extraordinary story. Every his role is unforgetable and knowing in most countries. How dare you to named Sharukh just a a better entertainer – HE IS THE BEST ACTOR

  63. Manish Dixit says

    Sharukh is a lucky man but not a Actor.

    Bollywood mein best of the best Actors rahe hain ( aur kuchh abhi bhi hain )…. Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Kamal Hassan, Sanjeev Kumar And Now Aamir Khan…

    SRK jab acting karta hain to aisa lagta hai… jaise Electric Shock laga ho… Wahi ek si dramebaazi.

    Aamir Khan hain Best of the Best Actor… Uska comparison kum se kum SRK se na karo….

    Aur SRK ka comparison sirf Bakre ya Bakri se karo…

  64. mileend says

    my srk is the best comparision vth anyone.. aur sala aamir khan toh bhangi hai……aur salman cycho chutiya… a perfact complete man frm every whr… sory fr othrs cs if sumone says anythin bad about srk i feel bad …so others khan mind ur work n dont mess with ma srk… once he said frm his film tht he is d best….

  65. shiva says

    Amir is the no’ 1 actor in the bollywood movie coz he is the only one versatile acotr…..Srk good actor too but he is not really versatile actor coz i never saw his comedy movie……so i think Amir is the ……………………………………………………………

  66. ilyas adil says

    SRK is no 1 for his romantic, funny and entertaining acting whereas Amir Khan is Super 1 for his mature, unique and practical versatile perfomance

  67. Hassan Mumtaz says

    Aik bat share karna chahta hun

    kissi b actor kalia award laina bahut bara & important moment hota hai uski life ka aur award bahut mahnat ka baad milta hai but agar apnay dakha ho 2008 filmfare award tou Akshay kumar ko super star of the year ka award mila tha which was first award for akshay kumar after struggling many years in Bollywood but he refuse to take it & give it to Mr. Ammir khan as he hold that aamir deserve it now u rate aamir is such a bigger star that even a super star also know that Aamir khan deserves it.

    do chezzain pta chalti hain issay 1) aik tou yah awards fair nahi hotay 2) Aamir khan ko awards kyn nai diya jatay jabkay akshay kumar jaisa star bhi admit karta hai kay aamir khan is super star & he deserve it. thts y ammir never attends any award functions.

    so i think no doubht Amair khan is No. 1. ab kissi ko b ispay aitraz nahi ho ga i guess.

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