The internet gave us a makeover

We’ve had a makeover. That goes for almost all of us. It’s a makeover in the way we function from day to day, because almost everything we do is done in a different way these days. And it’s all because of the internet. In a major way, online access has changed how we do things. Think about it. When once we turned to more traditional venues – newspapers, … [Read more...]

Latest Hindi Movies to Catch This Weekend


Summer is a good time for Bollywood when the kids have holidays and people seek out fun things to do. What better than the cool environs of a movie theater to have a good time with friends and family? With a bunch of the latest Hindi Movies coming hot from the oven, the summer seems brighter than ever. Though we cannot promise if any of these films will be a total … [Read more...]

Singham Trailer Review


Singham’s trailer gives away one thing, that the movie is an unapologetic ode to the South Indian flavor of movies. You can’t mistake it, though when you see cars flying several meters high into the sky and combine that with Rohit Shetty’s name, you don’t actually come up with a movie like Singham – but here it is.  A remake of the Tamil blockbuster which starred superstar … [Read more...]

Smoking in Films – Should it be Allowed?


It is a well known fact that the best loved Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan smokes; and from time to time smoking in films has come under the scanner for possible negative impact on the youth. Film makers and actors are frequently admonished for displaying scenes of smoking in films and SRK recently received an anti-smoking missive from an NGO called HRIDAY which urged the actor … [Read more...]