Yamla Pagla Deewana Review – A Fairly Decent Comedy

Most first day first shows are packed with eager viewers, but it was not the same with Yamla Pagla Deewana. Maybe the early hour of 10 AM was responsible, maybe it was due to the fact that the evening before was Lohri and the viewers may have slept fairly late. The numbers began to pick up as the day progressed, and soon we had Houseful signs being put up.

Yamla Pagla Deewana
Yamla Pagla Deewana

Yamla Pagla Deewana Movie Review


Yamla has a beautiful start. One of the best I’ve seen in years. Infinite laughter at finite intervals was promised and delivered within the first 30 minutes. But, nearing the interval, Deewana turns into a typical Bollywood flick, with a lot of emotional drama. The story is totally Deol family based, playing up on their forte and talents.The two con artists – played with immense ease by Dharmendra and Sunny, accompanied by their long-lost  ” ethical” brother from Canada – Bobby manage to amuse you, make you chuckle and laugh, while going through totally imponderable situations and antics. But then this is a Bollywood Masala film all the way – logic is never a part of any story.

The second half picks up slowly, and at some point the movie seems to drag and take too long to get to the point. However shortly it begins to pick up and everything seems to fall into place. There is a lot of laughter – but then that is what they promised you in their promos! The climax is funny and a bit far-fetched, but you tend to ignore that since the comedy aspect of it delivers in high measure. Do not expect too much from the story, just enjoy the comical situations – do not analyse the film, just think of it as time-pass.


The music of the film has been one of the most disappointing aspects of YPD. There are few songs worth remembering and none of them seem to leave an impact. The title song is a remix of Dharmendra’s hit film song, and it is the only one that we can hum and sing.


The Deols have never been renowned for their outstanding acting abilities. In this film also we do not see any award winning performances. Yet, together they manage to entertain us with their comic timing. They have put their heart into it, no doubt. After a disastrous Apne, the Deols now have a family movie that they can be proud of! You can see it on their faces, and in rapport they seem to share with each other.It is their spirit that they’ve poured into this movie which tickles your funny bone and succeeds cheering you up and in providing decent entertainment for over two and a half hours.

Pros & Cons:

What makes Yamla Pagla Deewana work to some extent is that it could have chosen to become another Golmaal 3 with a soulless sense of humour full of PJs, but it followed the Dabangg track and went full retard and non-sense: and that is exactly why it has become a fun movie. I believe that if a movie can succeed in doing that what it was made for, then it is definitely worth watching, and Yamla has done just that.

The reverse aspect of it however remains that it is not a movie made for the intelligent film-goer. Leave your brains behind at home, do not expect too much and you shall not be disappointed. It is meant for the people who go to the movie hall, not seeking intellectual stimulation, but seeking an outlet where they can forget their daily grind and sit back and laugh at inanities and insane situations.

Final Verdict:

Um… you like to laugh? Have some free time on your hands? Are willing to bear some amount of typical Bollywood hungama and drama? Respect and appreciate good sense of humour? Love to see Sunny Deol at his I-bash-the-world-all-alone best? Dharmendra at his funniest? Bobby at his sweetest?

Then what are you waiting for! I give it a 6.5/10.

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  1. hrugaved hasabnis says

    after watching the movie tees maar khan in multiplex,i cant dare to watch the comedy movie from the action people like sunney, bobby,dharam but it shocking that this movie gives u nonsense satisfaction in second half but sustain Ur self up to interval.
    as we sustain the sardarji jocks this movie just like this

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