Udaan – Finally a Hindi Film With Some Fresh, Unconventional Music

UDAAN is a film that has been preceded by a great deal of hype and also by some surprising awards and good reviews. A low budget film, it was probably destined to get lost in the annals of history, only the Indian movie going public is now beginning to become more discerning and sensitive, and unconventional films are beginning to rise up and surprise the box office coffers.
Udaan is unconventional to say the least. An angst ridden film, basing itself upon the life of a teenager with the familiar traumas of familial relationships and of emotions and broken dreams, but dealt with differently and without falling into the traditional teenybopper film mould. Excellent performances by Rajat Barmecha as the young Rohan and by Ronit Roy as the stern disciplinarian father who is unable to understand or sympathise with his son have helped to make this a critics delight and hopefully a box office success.
The music of the film follows the same route of being different, fresh and totally mesmerizing like the film itself. Amit Trivedi burst upon the film music scene a year ago with his haunting score of [intlink id=”302″ type=”post”]DEV D[/intlink]. His explosive music for that film has remained long after the film has faded from our memories, and suddenly we were listening to someone whose haunting scores made us feel that music now has a new face and hope.

One of the most thoughtful soundtracks which has come our way in the last few months, each song and also the background score are verification of the talent and amazing versatility of Amit Trivedi’s music. His music is not just rock music or music based on conventional dance around the trees scenes, or music which requires dance performances by innumerable dancers in order to be showcased correctly. It picks up the nuances of village music and combines them with rock based guitar melodies and gives us a winner each time.

‘Kahaani Aankhon Ke’ has an enthralling guitar based score, and combined with Amitabh’s lyrics and with soulful rendering by Joi Barua and Neuman Pinto’s singing, it is sure to become one of the best-sellers of the season. Geet mein has vocals from both the music director and the songwriter and again they manage to create magic with their collaboration.
The soundtrack of the movie has many elements of folk music within it, as is evident in songs such as ‘Naav Chadhti’ and ‘Nadi Mein’. Naav has been sung so hauntingly by Mohan, that we begin to wonder why a singer of his phenomenal talent has not overtaken many of the mediocre singers who seem to dominate the airwaves today.

Amitabh Bhatacharya has once again proved to be a poet of high calibre. His lyrics and words and his ability to also sing beautifully are in clear view in this film. Together with the other Amit they have created magic and a score which is likely to reverberate for some time to come.

The music of Udaan is definitely a step up for hindi film music. Do listen and [intlink id=”1388″ type=”post”]download songs of Udaan[/intlink].

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