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All or most of us love those high grossing and popular Hollywood movies with huge stars such as Angelina Joli, Brad Pitt, Kevin Costner and other huge names. What most of us don't consider is Bollywood-the Hindi Film Industry. In India, this is the largest and most influential film industry and shows us how amazing these films actually are and how infulential they are. In the period of one year, nearly 800 fils are made in Bollywood, but only a few make a large impact on the population. These Bollywood movies tend to show how Indian life really is, not how it is depicted in Hollywood films. The corrupt political leaders keep trying to hide it, but Bollywood does not. 

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Bollywood movies aren't as well known as they should be. Unlike some of ther greater Hollywood hits, their stories are not always 100% accurate and depicted as something it is not. Bollywood movies show the true side of the Indian world and lets everyone see what is really happening there. These movies deserve more respect and we should make more of an effort to get these Bollywood movies out in the open more. 


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