“Shah Rukh and I are friends” Ajay Devgan clears the air on all controversies

Ajay Devgan is one celebrity who plays to his own tune. No wedding celebrations gaana-bajaana for him and no messy affairs or dramatic spats and patch-ups. None at all. Ajay Devgan has always maintained a respectable distance from anything controversial. Well, almost. The ghost of his being on “not so friendly” terms with Shahrukh Khan has followed him ever since he married Kajol.

Ajay Devgn - Kajol
Revelling in marital bliss - Ajay and Kajol

Ajay Devgan who has epitomized the phrase “unconventional looking hero” has always been a low-profile, high-performance guy. He began with a guns and roses story and has since worked in possibly every genre of Bollywood movies.  His marriage to the then top actress Kajol came as a surprise to everybody who didn’t know they were dating. Reason: Kajol had the image of a talkative, vivacious and romantic girl whom every guy would want to romance. Ajay, on the other hand was this seemingly self absorbed, sober guy who seemed to have no fun in his personal life. Kajol always seemed to be having lots of fun hanging out with her “buddies” Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan, while Ajay Devgan had no camp or friends to talk of. Kajol and Ajay looked like chalk and cheese and when they married many were left surprised.

Rumors Ripened

shahrukh and kajol
Shahrukh and Kajol. The beautiful actress is probably the only common link between the two heroes

For some strange reason, people either expected Ajay to automatically best buddies with Shahrukh – after all, Shahrukh and Kajol were such good friends, or expected them to become bitter enemies. When nothing of the two happened, conjecturing began and one rumor led to another stupid rumor and people started talking about how Ajay did not get along with Shahrukh.

Silencing the rumor mongers

People talked, and while Kajol and Shahrukh claimed several times that these rumors were so very unfounded, Ajay kept a dignified silence. However, recently Ajay cleared the air on a Koffee with Karan show. He explained how he wasn’t a party-party kind of guy and so he hung out less with practically everybody. Apart from his shooting schedules, he did little mingling – and no he is not a recluse, just that he doesn’t like to hang out all too much with other colleagues when he got the much-coveted “me time” in between his busy schedule.

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