Will Tees Maar Khan be a Hit or a Flop?

Tees Maar Khan akshay kumar katrina kaif
Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in Tees Maar Khan

Tees Maar Khan is an upcoming Bollywood movie directed by Farah Khan. Starring Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif in lead roles, the media is apprehensive about the success of this movie and the reasons are colourfully diverse!.

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Tees Maar Khan could be yet another flop Bollywood movie released in 2010.

Now please do not get me wrong. I am no Akshay Kumar hater. As a matter of fact, I was a major fan of Akshay all throughout my growing years (and still am). However, the kind of hindi films that he has been doing recently such as Action Replayy and Housefull and Chandni Chowk to China is nothing short of disgusting.

Why I think Tees Maar Khan might be yet another stupid movie is because Akshay Kumar stars in it. If one looks carefully at the last 15 films which Akshay Kumar has starred in between 2007-2010:

  • Action Replayy
  • Khatta Meetha
  • Housefull
  • De Dana Dan
  • Blue
  • Kambhakkt Ishq
  • 8×10 Tasveer
  • Chandni Chowk to China
  • Singh is Kinng
  • Tashan
  • Welcome
  • Bhool Bhulaiya
  • Heyy Babyy
  • Namastey London
  • Bhagam Bhag

One will normally come to the conclusion that he has been choosing extremely bad films. Yet, his market value seems to be quite high.

(I will try writing a longer article on my views of these 15 films in general depending upon your response. Tell me via comments if you want to read an interesting analysis of why Akshay Kumar does stupid, non-intelligent, humourless films.)

Anyhow, out of these 15 movies, only Namastey London and Welcome (of this too, the climax stretched out of the limits of logical human reasoning with some really weird scenes being shot), can be considered to be ‘good’ hindi movies. The rest are pure trash. Minus them from Bollywood, take them away for a moment, consider their production and creation null and void, and you will not have subtracted anything of value from Bollywood. The sad thing however, is that Akshay Kumar, the real action hero of Bollywood, chose to star in these films. I am sure he had his reasons but the fact is that Akshay has been consistently doing films which insult human intellect. Yes, the guy who starred in cult movies like ‘Hera Pheri’ or ‘Mohra’ or ‘Tu Anari Main Sipahi’ or any of the Khiladi movies. He is same guy who also starred in the torturous Chandni Chowk to China.

Only time, the greatest force of all, will determine what is in store for us with Tees Maar Khan. Whether it adds anything of value to Bollywood, or only degrades human intellect, only time will tell.

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  1. santy says

    I think u r too young to critisize any movies….forget about the biggest star in bollywood Akshay kumar…

    U have no rights to speak about his films without watching it….U r one of those people who are

    spreading negative news aou someone and his films….this is not good at all…..Mark my word TEES

    MAAR KHAN will break all the records for 2010……….Infact can come close to 3 Idiots surely….

    • prateek says

      Chill bro. Why do you think I have no right to express my opinion? You'd be better off using your time doing something more constructive! At least debate with substance in your arguments mate.

      • Sanaya says

        You do have a full right to express ur view yeh but express it in the right way. Out of those 15 film you found namestey London and welcome good but even Singh is king and hey baby were hit films so NEXT TYM USE UR BRAIN! P. S: if u want people to read ur blog whateva jus remember tht there are quite alot of akshay fans and I’m one of them so chill out wiv ur high profiled shit attitude.

        • Prateek Em says

          Right. What exactly was it about Singh is Kingg that you liked? The music of the film was perhaps the only saving grace that too composed by Pritam, I'm quite sure it too has been inspired from somewhere. Just because a movie makes a lot of good money at the box office (commercial success) does not make it a 'good' movie. It needs some critical success as well..Unfortunately, in our country the only metric for determining the goodness of a film depends on how much money it makes. This can be compared to the education system of India – the number of marks a child gets in school often makes people tag him as brilliant. If he's talented at playing a musical instrument, he is tagged 'useless'.
          And I would appreciate if you addressed me politely and kept a hold on your sentiments.
          Btw, why do you think I have a 'high profiled shit attitude'?

  2. zainab says

    i totally agree with santy how dare he speak like that TMK will surely rock ALL THE BEST to akshay luv u muaahhhh…..

  3. abhishek modi says

    lol..I just think santy is being emotional for no reason. Prateek has just speculated that the movie won't do good on the box office. If you (santy) have a substantial reason to why it will/should succeed then share with us. I'd like to hear what you have in mind 🙂

  4. says

    tees maar khan will be the biggest hit of 2010.. it will defntly break all the opening records.. coz only akshay's moview can break all the records made by 3idiots or dabang.. & TMK will prove it.. Akshay is the real king.. not from last 4-5 years he is still ruling bollywood from 1991.. from KHILADI to TEES MAAR KHAN… he is so genuine person.. not fake like khans…

    akshay is the truly king 🙂

    • prateek says

      hahaha..whatever man. I don't think the khan's are fake and I'm only estimating going by Akshay's record in the last three years.

  5. Nishant says

    ahahaa… i AGREE with u prateek.. im a fan of akshay, he has given some veryy good movies before.. but in the recent 2 years… ahaa veryy bakwaaasss movies by him… soo i dont trust it… i think its just another same type of robinhood mixed with don mixed with bunty aur bubli… i have high EXPECTATIONS FOR no problem.. becuase anil kapoor has given a lot of hits and their movies are veryy interesting…

    • Prateek Em says

      I really hope Akshay Kumar has done something nice with Tees Maar Khan and not made another blunder like Action Replayy. 😐

  6. akkidking says

    prateek u fcuking assshole tell me who else made logical movis in bollywood except amir khan…..say u basterd u all only knows how to criticize akki m damn sure u r a khan fan just spreading negative rumours before release but dun worry this tym it wont happen as TMK will break atleast dabang record if not 3 idiots…

  7. Priya says

    TMK will be the biggest all time blockbuster breaking 3 idiots and dabangg.
    Akshay kumar is one of the biggest star ………
    look at his last few films..
    Singh is Kinng
    Bhool Bhulaiya
    Heyy Babyy
    Bhagam Bhag were big hits.
    well all actors hav bad films like srk had Billu……hritik had guzzarish….so didi akshay had few bad films
    but TMK will rock the whole world
    I <3 akshay and hate Prateek

    • Prateek Em says

      Sure, even we hope for the same. But looking at what Akshay Kumar has been doing for the past year, I really doubt this would hit the charts of the positive side. We can only hope it does. Farah Khan has had all her hits till date but mind you, it had SRK in all of them which automatically made them a instant hit.

      • raj says

        akshay kumar ka name hi kafi hai film ko record opening dilane ke liye… all songs are super hit.. & shiela ki jawani declare song of the year… break all previous records of popularity… bache bache ki zuban per hai tees maar khan ka name jo aaj se pehle kabi nhi dekha.. TMK will be the biggest opener ever.. ye saale khans kuch nhi hain akshay ke aage… 24th ko blast hone wala hai… slap on all haters… dekhte jaao awaazzz neechey karke hahahahahah lolz

        • Sanaya says

          U know what u need to calm down don’t u dare treat the KHANS as shit cuz srk rocks and know wat Srk is a betta and popular actor people in London including me luv him so chill out wateva opinion u have gt for akshay & tmk keep it to urselve but don’t involve the khans in this cause they r in the higher position already!

  8. ratan says

    …….who the fuck is this prateek……man the person u wrote about is akshay kumar………who survived 20 yrs just like that……u cant write him off…..why dont u get a better picture of urself instead of commenting on akshay kumar?…..

  9. balatkari baba says

    i think akhay kumar r tring to make fool to the audience……..biggest flop of year……u can think abut it

  10. Reviewer says

    I think Akshay is a very good actor. In the list given by Prateek I disagree with him that all these movies are not good. I did like Bhool Bhulaiya, Welcome, Namaste London, Singh is King and i thought they were good movies. Of late, he is doing some movies which were below par like blue, Chandini Chowk…etc. I hope he is a litlle selective about his next movies. At the same time they call Akshay a "Mini Industrty In Itself". he is the only guy compared to all Top actors who puts himself in front of public around 4 times a year. Other actiors/Khans normally have only 1 release a year and Shahrukh actually had none this year. That way it is easy to choose the best script. But you have to give Akshay his due in not worried about hits/flops and putting himself to test regularly every year.

    • Prateek Em says


      Fair enough. But Bollywood at the moment doesn't need quantity of films to keep us entertaining. Making 4-8 films a year by each actor?? I wonder why aamir khan does only 1 and leave an impression to one and all! And the same goes for SRK as well. I think this might be the reason why Akshay is still due a Filmfare best actor award, let alone a OSCAR!

      I think you really need to visit this article: http://www.bollykings.com/quantity-lack-of-origin

  11. aams says

    if akshay is made to leave bollywood ..it will only do gud to the quality and will work in the betterment of movies…
    just because some of ur movies did well previously u cannot always createa hype for cheap films n den on the name of gud openings u take away big money from producers n say that market value is intact…u have ridiculed audiences and u have belittled the fact that only those ppl deserve to be king who have constantly been dere at the top eg: SRK, AAMIR, SALMAN, Amitabh..etc

  12. Reviewer says

    The point here is about the type of movies he is doing. As an actor I think he is far superior to SRK. SRK , i think is a weak actor overall(he has some good performances in Chak de and Swades…) . I can't say same thing in comparison with aamir. Aamir is above the rest. So what Akshay needs is couple of good scripts and good directors. The problem is never his acting. In fact the very reason that he can run with a poor script and deliver a hit tells the whole story of what he is capable of. What i would really like to see in 2011 is couple of movies from him with good script. Don't know whether there would be any….possibly Patiala House…but that is Nikhil Advani….you can never trust him

    • Prateek Em says

      Yeah! So why is he signing movies after movies? Bad scripts, copies stories, etc etc….we don't need that do we? If he is doing 1 movie a year and a blockbuster, then I am sure he's not far from the rest of the league of exceptional actors. I have never see akshay kumar do a serious role man! Only thing he does is cheap comedy and his movies are filled with useless dialogues, character and worst of all pathetic climax of the movies. To name a few bhagam bhag and Houseful. Only movie that I personally liked of his was Namaste London. And why? because there was something in the movie that clicked. The acting, good comedy and most of all a good script.

      I am not downgrading him, I really salute his work and the time he puts in for all his movies. BUT IS IT WORTH IT?

  13. Mah says

    I think you people are overanalyzing this. I am an Akshay fan, but I don't idolize him… I think it's his own strategy (or financial decision) if he is doing 10 movies a year.. and yes, CC2C was a complete disaster but remember Deepika too chose that movie though she is know to be very selective. Sometimes a story seems really nice until it gets translated to celluloid..and some actors are better judges of this than others. I think Akshay is making mad movie choices but I guess sooner or later he will get a big big hit and be back in the game. As for TMK, I feel it will be an average movie. TMK has all the Farah Khan movie masala which pulls in the audience but I don't think it has anything earth-shattering (or SRK) in the movie, so it's unlikely to be a hit like Dabangg or 3 Idiots.

    • Prateek Em says

      Haha, in telling us that we were over analyzing, you did a bit of analysis yourself 🙂
      At least we're clear on the fact that it will be an average hit going by past records of the cast and crew. Whether it is earth shattering or not, time will tell us.

  14. Prateek Modi says

    Yeah! It really is. Almost everyone who has seen in my family has either has a bad headache or nausea. Half of them didn’t watch the movie and got up at the interval. I think I’ll have to see the film and see whats so bad about it. Hahaha

  15. vinay says

    Farah khan ne ye movie ye soch kar bna di ki ye bhi om shanty om I tarah hit ho jaegi wo movie sirf srk k 6 pack n music ki bajah se hit ho gyi thi by mistake. N that movie’s success changed the mind of farah khan. She thaught ki public just star k piche jaati h but its totly wrong.
    Khichdi jo ki itni achhi movie thi farah ne use zara bhi promote nhi kiya, agar us movie ko achhi promotion di hoti to wo saal ki sabse best movie hoti. But farah think only a star can hit a movie.
    Aksgay is going flop day by day the reason behind it it that he makes movies just for money or his attitude has been changed. Kat never can do acting log use sirf is bajah se dekhne jaate hain coz she is sizzling enough
    FARAH KHAN ne jitni mehnat sheela ki jwaani par lgayi agar uska 50 % bhi film par lgaya hota to shayd film thoda bahut kma jati
    Farah ki is mistake ki bajah se sara ka sara credit Katrina ko chala gya as she did the item song of the yer n jo baki ka thoda bahut bacha uske liye deserve karta hai akshay khanna as he act very well. Akshay kumar to movie mein aise lag rha tha ki jaise wo movie mein hai hi nahin. Main khud forcely hansne ki koshish kar rha tha but movie mein ek bhi aisa chance nhi diya gya tha hansne ka
    Farah khan if u r listening this u can catch me on “”vinayxcx@yahoo.com””
    I have some scripts n if they r made they can beat all the movies of the yer.
    N I also want to give you some tips about movies that how to hit a movie.
    N I also want to give tips about comedy
    Take care n best of luck for ur next movies
    N personly I want to give u advice that 1stly take rest for some time n then think about movies n don’t make movies in hurry
    A good director never do that
    Wat u did it was never expected…..
    Thanx for such a movie……………

  16. MovieMania says

    Tees Maar Khan being the worst movie i ever seen. I dont know what the heck farah khan was thnking when diecting the movie..was she thnking that the audience is stupid for accepting such dumd movie…and for akshay so dissappointing for a big star like him and making such a bad movie that i ever seen…and for katrina oh my god what the hell,,only thing she did was overacting .,..so stupid man,,,worst movie,,,just the same as HISS movie can be…I hope this movie flop to the worst and make all the crew beg on the road. such a disappointment.
    They just targeted to make money from the promotion thbey did on the movie,,,,but i wont even spit for this movie..
    We all seen better this is not what we deserve and by thinking logic what the movie did had…nothing was actually comedy, nothing was actually action all fake, nothing was actually emotional even if it was it was so stupid…no moral about the moview….is the worst kind of movie. they should read carefully before signing such script….
    nothing compared to 3 idiots and dabang..
    Tees Maar Khan is full crap trust me everyone thats my point of view..I was completely disaapointed from farah,akshay and katrina…

  17. Kamal says

    Prateek, Its amazing to see how stuipd movies Akshay has acted in are still doing ok / good on the box office(although not all).
    From some of the comments on this page, I can see tempers running high and people are still passionate abt their stupid “star” who is once had action in his armor but definitely comedy is NOT is playfield.
    It would be interesting to have “analysis of why Akshay Kumar does stupid, non-intelligent, humourless films”

  18. CP says


    all the comments above are funny!

    Think people are forgetting that it is just a movie!! You either love it or hate it! everyone is different! and TMK was actually quite funny but it depends on the level of sense of humor each person has!

    People need to all chill! Its just a movie!! loool

  19. says

    hei•• The one who ruled Indian box-office non other than Kheladi Akshay Kumar.He is the real king of bollowood•He is super success Actor.He’s movies always gonna be superhits..

    He’s biggest blockbuster movies like:
    1) Shingh is kinng.
    2) Welcome.
    3) Namastey Londan.
    4) Bhool Bhullaya.
    5) Hey baby.
    6) Bhagambhag.
    7) Housefull.
    8) Tees Mar Khan.
    9) Patiala House.
    10) Hera Pheri/Phir Hera Pheri
    11) Aan.
    12) Waqkt.
    13) Dewana hoge pagaal.
    14) Family.
    15) Awara Pagaal dewana.
    16) Dhadkan.
    17) insaan

    -Guys Akshay Kumar was really king of bollywood. He gave many hits than rest actor. 

    • says

      I agree wid u ha bro•••
      he’s now 2nd category, still people lov his movie…he hav couple flop on 2010-2011..
      He’s upcoming biggest blockbuster deal movie like••
      1) Once Upon a time in Mumbai-2 in 3d.
      2) Joker.
      3) Desi Boyz.
      4) Raudy Rathore.
      5) back on Hera Pheri/international hera Pheri.
      This movies are already deal with the overseas market with a huge amount…

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