Perfect Mismatch – Latest Movie Review

Perfect Mismatch – Cast and Crew

  • Banner – Xperience Films
  • Release Date – July 24, 2009
  • Genre – Romance  /  Comedy  /  Drama
  • Executive Producer / Co-Producer – Dalip Singh Sethi, Harbinder Brar
  • Director – Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad
  • Lyricist – Kumaar
  • Music Director – Josh
  • Cinematography – Robert Mehnert
  • Choreography – Achinta S McDaniel
  • Media Relations – Neelam Gupta

Star Cast
Anubhav Anand…… Aman
Nandana Sen…… Neha
Anupam Kher…… Mr. Bhalla
Boman Irani…… Mr. Patel
Ranjita Chakravarty…… Mrs. Bhalla
Sheel Gupta…… Preeti
Rashmi Rustagi…… Mrs. Patel
David E. Webb…… Dave
Susan Smythe…… Amy

Perfect Mismatch – Movie Review


Sometime in our lives we have to stop watching movies which seem to be a replica of other storylines from other films. The basic premise of two “mismatched” fathers not letting their children get married has been done and overdone frequently.

With superb character actors like Anupam Kher and Boman Irani, we had expected the film to light up our lives with laughter and joy. The film suffers from bad dialogue, bad editing and bad acting by the two lead performers. Nandana Sen  is overshadowed by the two veterans, and Anubhav Anand shows quick flashes of future prominence.

Somehow it seems beyond the realms of possibility that two modern day NRI youngsters will let themselves be browbeaten by their parents and let them dictate their lives. But even this theme gets lost after a certain point in the film.

A good comedy ?

Sorry No.

A good film?

Definitely not.

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