My Name is Khan gets Overwhelming Response: $18million Worldwide

Karan Johar and King Khan are on a roll with the massive success of the film ‘My Name Is Khan.’ The film is reported to have earned a gross income of $18 million in its first weekend across the globe. Based on the racial discrimination taking place in US post 9/11, this film has perfectly struck the chords of the people in US, UK, Australia and various other parts of the world.

Vijay Singh, CEO of Fox Star Studios who is the distributor of the film reports, “The best part was that the response was increasing everyday, that is from Friday to Sunday.”

It would be interesting to mention here that while the box office reports of the film have set records in North America and UK, in India it has not been matched up with the trend set by last year’s release ‘3 Idiots.’ The key reason for this is that in India the flick had a late release owing to the tiff between Shiv Sena and SRK.

In North America, the film earned $761,000 by Sunday. It shall now be remembered as the highest one-day earner among Bollywood films in North America. It has also set a landmark to incur the highest per-theater-average made by any film in a weekend. In US, the figures state a collection of $1.9 million. Here it has also become the highest per screen money generator. The average income of the film in UK is over £936,000, which is again a landmark. The music of the film now ranks 6 on the UK Box Office charts.

However, a delayed release of MNIK in the state of Maharashtra has brought a loss of Rs. 3 crores. In it’s first weekend in India, the film managed to gain Rs. 29 crores whereas its overseas income was Rs. 25 crores, a total of Rs. 54 crore. This figure lags a notch behind ‘3 Idiots’ where it was Rs. 56 crores.

To know more about My Name is Khan, Shah Rukh Khan’s performance as an autistic child suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome, and Kajol’s performance as the evergreen bubbly woman. Read this unsually funny movie review of My Name is Khan.

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  1. SharafMKOthukkungal says

    This film has broken almost records internationally and globally.

    And shahruk khan is going to get kinds of awards and honours,,,,

    By SharafMKOthukkungal,Malappuram,India

    Karan Johar and King Khan are on a roll with the massive success of the film ‘My Name Is Khan.’ The film is reported to earn a gross income of $18 million in its first …

    By SharafMKOthukkungal,Malappuram,India

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