London Dreams – Below Expectations

Arjun (Ajay Devgan) dreams of becoming a very famed and successful singer. Conditions bring him to London where he chases his dream further, completely on his own determination and capacity. He meets music buffs and brothers Wasim (Rannvijay) and Zoheb (Aditya Roy Kapoor) along with the talented and beautiful dancer Priya (Asin) to form their band London Dreams. After securing a contract with a major music company, Arjun returns to India to meet his overexcited and rowdy childhood friend Mannu (Salman Khan). As it turns out, he brings Mannu to London to become a part of his band. Things take an ugly turn when the naturally talented comedian Mannu begins to hog the limelight. In the process, he also wins the love of Priya who is in reality Arjun’s furtive longing.

London Dreams Cast and Crew:

Banner – Headstart Films UK Limited

Release Date – October 30, 2009

Genre – Musical / Drama

Producer – Aashin Shah

Director – Vipul Shah

Staring – Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan, Asin, Rannvijay Singh

Lyricist – Prasoon Joshi

Music Director – Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani, Loy Mendonca

Story / Writer – Suresh Nair

London Dreams Movie Review:

Ajay Devgn is perfectly cast as the solemn dream seeker Arjun. His transition from the modest hard worker to the scheming brute does leaves you in awe. However, it’s Salman philandering village bumpkin portrayal of Mannu which steals the. His camaraderie with Ajay in the first half looks truly genuine and chemistry with Asin is one of the highlights in the film as well. His Punjabi dialect to the innumerous number of times he swears ‘Bhen De Takke’ is a relief from Ajay’s emotional storytelling. Asin hasn’t been used to her full potential as she was in Ghajini and is just a good pair of tights in the film.
Apart from the banal plot, the chief downfall of the film would be the unimpressive and unconvincing rocker act of the two main leads. How in the world does a band with 40 year olds with gypsy Hindi rock music create a fan base out of 90,000 English people in a packed Wembley stadium in a span of six months? The performances look a little less than just a simple like an act of buffoonery.

With that said, the two and a half stars undoubtedly go to the enchanting cinematography, direction, soulful music and Salman. Pretty much all the songs right from Barso Re, Khanabadosh, Tapkey Masti have your feet tapping. Only if he’d pay more attention to the script and minor but striking details, the film would have been a wholesome viewing experience indeed.

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