Tees Maar Khan – 4 Reasons why it Flopped!

Tees Maar Khan has been critically trashed. The box office collections have slowed down considerably in the first two weeks itself and Akshay Kumar has delivered one more flop. But did we (or the filmmakers and actors) learn any lessons from this? Probably not. Still, since we have nothing better to do with our lives, let’s take some time out and analyze the reasons behind Tees Maar Khan’s failure.

Katrina Kaif in Sheela ki Jawani

1. Sheila ki jawani – The quintessential masala:

Our filmmakers believe that as long as  the essential masalas are in there, the dish will turn out to be savory. Right? Wrong. Sheila Ki Jawani is a hit, there is no doubt about that, but gyrating bodies and barely clad females have not been enough to pull in the public.

2. Relying on the star power: Throw in Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif. Add to that some funny sidekicks and some song and dance. Our producers/directors assume that this should be enough to pull in the crowds. They probably think that the average cine-goer has a below average IQ. Otherwise, why else would they plan such presentations, pay crores of rupees to actors who emote the same expressions every time and spend another crore in promotion? Would it not have been better, and easier, to work on the script, instead.

Akshay Khanna in Dil Chahta Hai

3. Akshay vs. Akshay: Akshay Kumar is a crowd puller, while Akshay Khanna is the better actor. Then why do they put the onus of the entire film on the shoulders of these “box office heroes”? I think the most obvious answer is that Akshay Kumar has a fan-following whereas Akshay Khanna doesn’t. But then they tend to overlook the fact that Akshay Khanna has proven to be a better actor and has thus contributed immensely to the success of various movies as the main lead. Personally, we feel that Akshay Khanna would have been a better choice as the lead player of this film. Undoubtedly, Mr. Khanna’s performance was one of the highlights of the film, (let’s not talk about Sheila Ki Jawani for now !). But here’s a simple test to check why Akshay Kumar and not Akshay Khanna was chosen for this role – a Google search with the word Akshay puts Akshay Khanna on Page 7, just behind Khiladi Kumar

4. Akshay Kumar – Is he losing his touch? He does seem to be losing it, especially in comedies where he has overdone the common man and the con man act. It is beginning to look stale and jaded and has lost its lustre. Personally, I think Akshay should take a year’s break – not only from movies but from TV too. Don’t get me wrong. I am also a big, big fan of Akshay … but my heart bleeds to see him flounder like that. I have loved him since his Khiladi days and more so in the Hera Pheri avatar, but now, it doesn’t seem to work, somehow … neither the comedies, nor the serious stuff. So, dear Akshay, please take a break and reinvent yourself instead of presenting us with the same old stuff, over and over again.

Today, we have sat back and enjoyed films such as Ishqiya, Phas Gaye Re Obama and Peepli Live. Even Guzaarish, which did not succeed at the box office, stood out as an unusual and good film. But films such as Tees Maar Khan which have presented tomfoolery and inane comedy in the guise of a masala movie do not appeal to me and leave me drained and exasperated. Hope that you are listening?

Anyhow, there’s no point analysing something which cannot be changed, we have already done it beyond what was essential. Please read about some of Bollywood’s upcoming hindi movies in 2011 and hope that we get some nice movies to watch.

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  1. Mahe Talat says

    Yes muskan, it certainly is bad. But more than that, the point that’s being made here is that several good heroes and stories get buried under this masala formula of our movies. Personally, I feel that Akshay Khanna, if offered the role of TMK would have given it a new dimension.
    Just my point of view 🙂

  2. Saim says

    Rubbish movie, the worst movie of the year. Farah just tried her best of the best to cash the fame, whatever she got actually just because of Shah Rukh Khan. And not only that she went ahead and did make fun of Amir Khan’s film as well, like working in village and wishing for Oscar. Farah actually herself is nothing and no one knew her, unless Shah Rukh Khan worked with her. These 2 brother sister are absolutely rude. And what to say about Sajid Khan, His films are as well, with cheap comedy, but he will come up like its Shah Rukh or Amir Khan’s movie. I just don’t like these 2 brother sister.

  3. Mahe Talat says

    Yes Akansha, you can say that. Maybe SRK is lucky, not only for Farah but also for several other directors LOL. I sincerely think that if SRK was in this movie, this would have been a hit (not because he’s lucky or something) but because SRK renders a certain quality even to foolishness and his magic had survived beyond all ups and downs.

    • Raj says

      Hey Mah! Nice article. But I think SRK didn’t do the movie in the first place because when Farah Khan came to him with the script he knew it was not worth it. It was already inspired (Copied) from the english movie “after the fox” and maybe the story was not good.

      Face the facts, the movie was a blunder and I think akshay kumar should really limit himself this year and do only sensible and different role. His comic timing maybe one of the best but I think he really needs to change this role because frankly speaking people are already sick and tired of his comedy and the proof is his last 10-15 films. Duh!! Is he ignorant or he is not aware that his movies are doing badly in the cinema?

      • Mahe Talat says

        Raj, I think that Shahrukh didn’t do this movie because he and Farah Khan had a fight more than a year ago. They are never seen together nowadays.. just google it. I think the cause of the tiff is unknown but the fact of their strained relationships is well known. Farah’s husband (Shirish Kunder – Janemann fame) is said to dislike SRK and when Farah fell out with him, Shirish wrote a large part of this script himself. A good part of the movie’s dialogues etc are said to be a comment on SRK (like the Don like dialogues and the mention of him missing out on oscar – when he misses the Hollywood chance to Anil Kapoor).

    • Prateek Modi says

      I think that the reason of dispute between Farah Khan and SRK. Because he refused to work in the film after reading the badly written script. The movie has no logic, comedy…..duh..NOTHING!!!

      I am sure SRK would have recommended her to not to shoot and movie in the first place. I really feel that bollywood needs either good writers or actors that can refuse bluntly for the movie rather then doing it for the sake of friendship.

  4. MUDASSIR says




  5. Hariharan Iyer says

    Farah Khan should go back to choregraphy. She has wrong impression that she is a good director. But Both she and her brother Sajid always tend to overdo things which only they can be proud of.

  6. Wali khan says

    Well well Fara i know that u spent alot of money in tis film but to be honest i really dont like it u should not give tis role to Akshay Khannaby him self he is best best actor and the best looking charming boy next time plz give Akshay Khanna lead role in the film.dont get upsit Fara jii it happends do ur very best in next film and sign for SRK or Akshay Khanna…bad luck for tees maar khan

  7. istina mishra says

    nice song but fara your luck is not akshay.SRKis there for u why u are taking to other.so bad for teesmaar khan is not akshay.he is sing is king.

  8. Shumaila says

    its a totally floppppppppppppppp movie.Farah its your punishment to not work with Great heart Hero Shahrukh khan.

  9. says

    tees maar khan is rubish to be honest!!!sheila ki jawaani has good music and dance but thats just not it!katrina kaif overacts too much! she might be pretty but is definetly not a good actor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. bolwiz says

    Too much overacting. Big flop, the only good things about the film were akshaye khanna& the songs. Akshay kumar = flop, he should retire already.

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