Lame name. But what a brilliant GAME!


2011 has surely been (so far) the best year for Bollywood. Not because there’s been one, singular great film (usually an Aamir Khan or a Shahrukh Khan starrer), but because all the films that the industry has squeezed out in the last 3 months have been, in their own way, engrossing. What started with No One Killed Jessica, lives even now, with what is, perhaps, the best one out till now: Game.

Yes, I know, I know, it’s a horrible, horrible name. And the previous few experiments have been a sad experience for Abhishek Bachchan, despite his talent. But with Game… I can totally say that Abhishek Bachchan has found his Eureka-moment. If one were to construct a graph for the movie, with the level of the bar indicating the excitement level… I must say that it’s a steep hill indeed. You are left with a gasping breath at the end.

The primary question… what exactly is Game about? For the first 30 minutes, it seems to appear that there really is some kind of a GAME going on. After that, it is simply a murder mystery… fuelled by love. But a murder mystery that has really been given some thought, this one. I do not know how long the writers of this film had been racking their brains and pens, but I do know this: they were a bunch of smart people, who knew what they were doing when they were penning down those brilliant dialogues, a fast-paced storyline, some uplifting humour, and some nerve-cracking brainwork.

Game changer eh?...A look to die for!

The show belongs to Abhishek Bachchan, from the start till the end. The classy-stylish act of his, present everywhere, impacting nowhere, does its work here. Kangna Ranaut still doesn’t know how to use her voice, though her expressions are really getting better. Boman Irani is, as always, brilliant. His expressions and his acting skills are stuff of legends. Jimmy Shergill is alright. Not great. He’s just fine. Not impressive at all. The newcomer, Sarah-Jane Dias, excels in the little time she has onscreen. The story in fact revolves around her: but she doesn’t have many dialogues. Anupam Kher [or the Game-setter] does good too. All-in-all, when taking into account the performances, Abhishek Bachchan is the show-stopper.

Other aspects of the film are well-done too. To start with, the camera-work, editing, sound-work, all the technicalities… of course our industry is getting better at handling cameras and using the edit-softwares. So no special commendable work there. But it’s evident that the people have worked hard. The music is the one aspect that’s not so great. But the background score is nice. Though one complaint I have is that there’s too much music used everywhere. But that’s alright… some people like that, some don’t. The choreography in one of the item numbers is really well done. The script is brilliant, as I already mentioned. The dialogues don’t sound crude, nor do they sound pure-stylish… they fit.

That’s all ok. Every film has good technicalities. What’s so special about this one?

Abhinay Deo.

Abhinay Deo: One must look forward to Delhi Belly now

If this is his work in his first film, then I am sure to follow him from Game onwards. Of course Farhan Akhtar must definitely have a role to play, but it’s his directorial skills that guide the movie from start to end, from twist ‘n’ turn to twist ‘n’ turn, from smile to jeer, courage to fear, life to death, every bated breath, I say that whilst we do not see him anywhere, or hear of him, while the movie is on, Game truly belongs to him. I bow down to you, Abhinay. Anyone can make a thriller with run-n-chase, music, guns, all that… but only a handful can make it brilliant, and truly exciting. You did it. For me, as will be for all other film-critics, you are the man behind Game.

Why did they have to give it such a stupid name! I swear I walked in with no expectations. I walked out panting. It’s that exciting. Ok, no, I was not panting… but you get the metaphor, right? Game: for once, it’s NOT in the name! It’s lame! Here, I talk about the name. Don’t go by the same. Just… go watch it.

And remember: don’t start making conclusions. As it says… it’s not over till it’s over.

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  1. says

    hey JSK,

    Hmmm, I was skeptical from the go, when you posted the article. By the trailers I could make out what the whole storyline of the film would be. A thriller masked by a murder and 1 little twist like a cherry on the top.

    So, I go out today and watch this movie and guess was I was totally right. PERSONALLY I felt the movie was pathetic. The first half of it was worse then anything I watched so far. The movie did pick up as the story moved on. Yeah there were some twist in the middle which was okay, but comon man, Indian Cinema has come so far and if it still produces action thrillers like this then where is the fun in going out and expecting a movie to be eye popping. Abhishek in the movie was the star character for sure, but the acting display by kangana was shitty..I mean I have never seen such fake expressions by any Indian actresses in the recent times.

    The only few minor things I likes about the movie was the minute details and dialogues that were hidden. Personally because of that and abhi’s acting I will give it a 2/5.

    And don’t tell me you didn’t know that her assistant Gaur Khan was the culprit 45 mins before the movie was ending. It was so obvious.

    To the readers of our blog, I wouldn’t recommend this movie to any guy but your enemies. lol

    Don’t watch it in the hall. We’ll be posting the online print of it soon. Wait for that or download this movie from torrentz. A total waste of time, energy and my money.

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