Dhobi Ghat – Official Trailer of Aamir Khan’s Upcoming Movie

Dhobi Ghat Poster

Dhobi Ghat is an upcoming Bollywood movie which has been directed by Aamir Khan’s creative spouse, Kiran Rao. According to Kiran, Dhobi Ghat is about four different individuals -Arun (a painter), Munna (a washer man), Yasmin (a young married Muslim girl), Shai (banker on a holiday in India). The movie goes on to show ow their lives are entwined under various chance circumstances. What makes Dhobi Ghat a must watch is of course, Aamir Khan’s association with the movie. Aamir is known to do highly selective movies and the ones he does, usually end up being super hits or block busters.

Dhobi Ghat  – The official trailer

Dhobi Ghat will be a  must-watch. The one actor who has so far been heaped with praises is Prateik Babbar who plays the role of Munna in the film. Arun’s role is played by Aamir Khan. As usual, this time Aamir sports a whiff of white hair in his character. Watch the official trailer of Dhobi Ghat – it is actually a mix of three different stories.


Dhobi Ghat Release Date

Dhobi Ghat is slated for release on 21st January, 2010.

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  1. priyanka says

    I haven’t watched it yet, but I can’t wait till I can c it!!!!! I already know that I will really enjoy it!!!:) Go Aamir! I really think that Aamir and Kiram make an awesome team. Waiting for more from u guys!

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