Dev D Music Review – A Super Desi Experience

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The classical Devdas is now the ultra hip ‘Dev D’…where all the traditional norms of modernism and the 21st century are just wasteful words spoken on deaf ears…

…where a whore and a narcotic is as simple as a shoe or a sweet…this is Dev D. Surprisingly I have managed to learn all this just by hearing the music of the film. Below is a deliciously and passionately written review of the entire album and which tried to define perhaps India’s most original and refreshing piece of music in recent times.

Dev D Music Review

Anurag Kashyap wanted to make a full on commercial film so he put over 15 songs in the movie ranging from Punjabi tracks to Rajasthani ones. Some of the tracks are simply too amazing while others make a good impression if not the very best. However, the overall feel of Dev D’s music talks accurately about the actual feel of the movie.

”Aankh Micholi” – This is an ultra retro song which features Amit Trivedi’s haunting voice. Techno lines and a few futuristic instruments add a new flavour to the song.

“Dev Chanda Themes” – These are two absolutely lovely tunes which speak volumes about a love story. The melodious whistling especially, in one of the themes is very catchy.

“Dil Mein Jaagi” – Starting with a classical riff on a grand piano, the song has been sung by a fresh female voice.

“Duniya” – Fresh off the oven, this track has rocking tunes and beats to compliment the smooth lyrics which talks about the life in general.

“Ek Hulchul Si” – ‘Yeh Gana Achcha  Hai’. These were the exact words a friend told me about this track. I listened and it instantly clicked. The fresh music of Amit Trivedi reaches a new high with Ek Hulchul Si.

“Emosanal Attyachaar” – Definitely the show stealer of the entire album, Emosanal Attyachaar is perhaps one of the most original indian rock songs composed. The song contains aspects from so many sources that it becomes a ramble of some sort with weirdly pleasing tunes. He has made use of guitar riffs, drums and synthesised fills to create the perfect masala hit. The Brass Band version is a more desi version which has the Rackety fanfare of a marriage band nicely arranged to output melody. The Rock Version has all the elements of a rock song. Dev D rocks real nice.

“Hikknaal” – Punjabi Track. Not a major fan of Punjabi music so please bear with this non-review.

“Mahi Mennu” – Same Story.

“Nayan Tarse” – An appealing song, this track touches the heart through its meaningful lyrics. Coupled with Amit’s excellent voice, the overall arrangment in indeed powerful.

“Paayaliya” – A rajasthani number with folk music, this adds more flavour to the album owing to its variety.

“Pardesi” – A slow, but nice number. One of the mellow one’s of the lot.

“Ranjhana” – Another Rajasthani styled track, this song is nice. Yet fails to inspire a nice little adjective. Average I would say.

“Saali Khushi” – Retro, chic, classy, smooth, interesting and killer. Enough said.

“Yahi Meri Zindagi”- Fine fine. I’m tired now.Sorry.


With 17 tracks on the menu, Anurag Kashyap can’t get any closer to a full fledged masala movie, perfect for the god-fearing Indian. Let’s we see something grand in Dev D.

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  1. Jasmine February 21, 2009 at 10:53 am #

    You refuse to review a Punjabi song simply because it's Punjabi? As a Punjabi I find that offensive. I thought the Punjabi songs were true to the fun they promised, but the Mahi Mennu song should have had a stronger dhol. Despite being a non-fan of Hindi rock/sad electronica, overall this album is fairly good.

  2. prateek February 24, 2009 at 1:07 am #


    I am sorry if you find that offensive Jasmine. But I have never really heard punjabi music so I cannot talk about it. Simple as that. No offense meant and if you took any, my humble apologies.

  3. Zubi April 4, 2011 at 12:49 pm #


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