Dev D Movie Preview – A Potential Hit?

Dev D movie preview and review
A Dev D poster

After many takes on Sarat Chandra’s acclaimed novel ‘Devdas‘, here is yet another movie based on the character – “Dev D”. Directed by Anurag Kashyap and starring Abhay Deol as Dev, Dev D is the Anurag’s depiction of a contemporary devdas.  Kalki Koechlin plays Chanda and Mahi Gill,  Paro.

Dev D is slated for release on 23rd February.

Taking the plot from Sarat Chandra’s ‘Devdas’, Kashyap gives the story a  brand new roll, sparkling with energy and freshness . After a successful “Oye Lucky Lucky Oye”,  Abhay Deol’s forthcoming film looks quite promising. To say the least, we can see how creative and talented this young actor is.

Dev D Movie Preview

Dev D is a movie about love (needless to say), with a  flavour of today’s hi-tech, ultra modern lifestyle. From Punjab’s lush-green fields to the Dingy Delhi lanes, Dev D promises to woo the audience through its imaginative interpretation of  the traditional lover who could not get the girl he loved – replacing the “drunkard lover” to a “stoned lover” and sari-clad “naachnewalis” to modern day “call girls” in corsets. Anurag has tried to create a masala hindi movie, complete with punjabi  songs, desi rock songs and a one-of-a-kind shaadi waala gaana – Emosanal Attyachar. Not surprisingly enough, this song is creating noticeable waves around the country in urban and suburban circles.

The Story

The story is about Dev, son of a rich industrialist who returns from London after being sent away at the age of 12. Dev and his childhood sweetheart, Paro are intensely in love, which is the reason why Dev comes back, to find her true love waiting for her. She marries someone else after her faith in her Dev is broken in a major turn of events. Dev digs deep into drugs and alcohol for salvation. An ego crisis, aimless search for lost love and an escapist instinct pushes Dev into depression and self-pity.

Then comes Chanda, an adventurous young girl who is abandoned by her family due to a certain MMS scandal and finds shelter with a pimp, Chunni. Chanda is now a high profile escort by night and a college student by day. She is the hi-tech, ultra-modern call girl who lives life on her own terms. Her affair with Dev and further interactions forms the rest of the story.

Dev D represents sense and sensibilities of a rich young lovera man who could not stand up for himself, mood swing of a free-spirit girl whose trust is broken by her loverand moves on with a lot of grit and dignity.  Free thought, exuberance and recklessness of the youth of today.

Abhay D – The man who plays Dev D

Abhay Deol subjected his mind and body to a lot while shooting Dev. D with director Anurag Kashyap .

To get into the skin of his character of a self-pitying, self-destructive, alcohol guzzling, jilted lover in Kashyap’s modern day interpretation of Sarat Chandra’s Devdas , Abhay Deol lived a disorderly, erratic lifestyle that included getting drunk, keeping awake at night and remaining unkempt and disheveled.

It was Kashyap himself who asked Abhay to look scruffy and untidy for many sequences. He would encourage Abhay to take on the lifestyle of a drunk for the days the shoot lasted.

Abhay Deol
Abhay Deol

And determined to give his best, Abhay took to a debauched lifestyle for a few weeks. Though the performance came through, Abhay was so affected by it at the end that he decided to attend a weeklong course of Vipassana at Igatpuri just to detox himself.

The fresh air, combined with meditation and serene atmosphere at the camp so soothed Abhay’s senses that he prolonged his stay for a week.

During the course of this time Abhay D changed from Abhay Drunk to Abhay Detoxified.
Our Prediction of Dev D – Will it be a hit or a flop

To be modest about Anurag Kashyap, he is original and creative – two qualities needed in a successful filmmaker. He gave us Black Friday and No Smoking, two of Indian Cinema’s finest art films depicting the dark side of human nature. These movies were highly praised by critics and recieved accolades at film festivals. The question however is whether Kashyap’s take on a modern day devdas strike the right chord with the public? It stands a very good chance given:

1. Dev D relates to a very relevant topic which concerns the nation’s youth.

2. The background score is sexy,melodious, original,catchy and most of all, desi.

3. The movie is being promoted intelligently and correctly.

4. Last of all, it concerns love. Who does not want to fall in love, or atleast be a part of it?

After seeing the light-hearted posters and even a supposedly lust line number in the trailers it is hoped the “Emotional Atyaachaar” really does no “Atyachaar” to the producers-UTV Spotboy.

Will Dev D be a successful drama or a useless attempt to put new wine in an old bottle? Only time will tell.

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