Break Ke Baad Movie Review: Every Relationship Needs its Space


Break Ke Baad is a romantic comedy, starring Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone. It’s been nearly two weeks since the movie released and trade pundits have already proclaimed Break Ke Baad to be a commercial success. Even before hitting the theaters, the film successfully recovered the producers’ investment in the film. Filmmakers have sold the satellite rights of the film, and have recovered the production cost.  The romantic story with a little twist focuses on the love relationship between Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone.

Break ke baad

The Plot

Break Ke Baad, one of the highly hyped movies of the year did not actually come up with anything new for the audiences. The plot developed as Aaliya or Deepika Padukone and Gulati, the character name of Imran Khan’s life moved. The couple who were childhood friends initially shared a nice bonding till Deepika Padukone left for Australia to pursue her dream career of becoming a successful actress. Though Deepika Padukone moved away, the love story continued as her caring beau followed her all the way to Australia.

Though the plot does not have any striking difference from the other tales of romance in the recent Bollywood movies, the scripting of the plot deserve praises. Imran Khan has spectacularly acted in the role of an understanding and non-demanding man who is ever careful about his ladylove. Deepika Padukone also reflected remarkable spontaneous performance in the role of an illogical, and to some extent fickle minded girl Aaliya.

Critical Acclaim

Break Ke Baad is the debut movie of director Danish Aslam, which mainly focuses on the demand of space in the relationship of young couples, did not gain much appreciation from the critics. Break Ke Baad which started with a bright note failed to retain the energy mid way through the movie. As Times of India puts it, the middle has been extremely “sluggish”. Rajiv Masand of CNN IBN is also of the view that the plot was a little dull after the intermission. Yet he considers the film to be “reasonably engaging” and watchable, mainly for the spectacular performance of Deepika Padukone.

A scene From Break ke Baad

Composed by the musical duo, Vishal-Shekhar, the music of the film has also received appreciation from critics. Apart from acting and music, the technical factors like cinematography have also received praises from the critics. The set and the choice of location also deserve special mention. The film though is a complete entertainment package, it only managed to receive a lukewarm response in India as well as abroad. However, that will not affect the producers as they made profits even before the film was released.


Audiences Verdict

Audiences’ favorite, Deepika Padukone and Imran Khan received praises for their acting. The chemistry between the coupled engrossed everyone. The bold character of the leading lady and the caring attitude of Imran Khan touched everyone’s heart. Break Ke Baad lacks something unique or fresh. Yet, it has a well-knit plot to make a romantic comedy successful. If you want to refresh your mind after a hectic week, this can be the perfect entertainer for you.

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  1. creativity says

    Oh my! Why don't you guys proofread the content before publishing…What's "Break Ke Bread", the first line below "Critical Acclaim". These mistakes are too sloppy… Anyways, good review.

  2. anonymous says

    For Heaven's sake speak the truth someone…I'm doubt if this review is paid, Break Ke Baad is a pathetic movie with absolutely no chemistry between imran and deepika…imran's acting was still tolerable but deepika was terribly pathetic…she should go and take some acting classes ..i don't know how people keep praising her good for nothing work…Break Ke baad is a full on waste of time and money!!!!!!

    • Prateek Em says

      Just wanna drop in and say, every one has a different opinion. But yeah in the future we will keep in mind about the review.


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