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Evidently, gone are the days when righteous lawyers condemned the court for postponing dates of the hearing and fought with passion until justice was done. Welcome to the new world or, shall we say, real world, where a man in the black coat is unable to decide if the word ‘affidavit’ begins with an ‘e’ or an ‘a’. Welcome to Jolly LLB. The film was the talk of the town as soon as videos of Bappi Da, in his ever-popular gold bedecked avatar, singing the song ‘LAW lag gaye’ hit TV channels.  Post that, the interesting trailers and some ‘guess-the-storyline’ posters have managed to stir the curiosity of film lovers and critics alike.

Jolly LLB
Jolly LLB

Jolly LLB has been directed by Subhash Kapoor. Formerly a political journalist, Subhash entered filmmaking with the critically acclaimed 2010 hindi movie Phas Gaye Re Obama. The story is based on the struggle of a small time law graduate to make a name in the field of law. The role of Jagadish Tyagi, aka Jolly, who is an advocate from Meerut, is essayed by Arshad Warsi. As expected, his impeccable timing and distinct screen presence have helped him do justice to the rather difficult role. After all, when a law graduate who expects crowds to follow and worship him ends up spelling “prosecution” as “prostitution”, you can imagine the complexity of the character. Jolly showcases the rather pitiful state of a struggling law graduate who has to really work up a sweat to maintain a balance between his unrewarding job and the unavoidable chores, thanks to his bachelorhood. When he tries to ‘patao’ the pretty Amrita Rao to at least fill some void in his life, Jolly realizes that like the rest of his life, even this is going to be quite the rollercoaster ride. She comes across as the ‘matter-of-fact’ kind of girl who, instead of sympathizing with Jolly’s condition, asks him to man up and face the rough patch.

In a desperate attempt to find a shortcut to success, Jolly moves to Delhi and has a high profile case reopened. This is when he is pitted against a high profile lawyer whose role is played by Boman Irani. As the case progresses, he realizes that the truth is the ultimate struggle in a world where the wrongdoings are very skillfully hidden under a carpet of wealth. Jolly experiences many personal battles while fighting this case and finds himself answering deep seated conflicts between values and ambition. Whether ambition gets the better of Jagadish Tyagi or whether good still triumphs over evil is the question. Will this case be able to turn Jolly’s life around or will it throw him into oblivion like all those other law graduates who dared to question power and money? This you must watch to find out.

Check out the Jolly LLB movie trailer:

You can certainly look forward to some rib tickling comedy and some crisp, tongue-in-cheek dialogues. The slightly exaggerated courtroom drama is, obviously, the icing on the cake. From all that is visible of the film, one can definitely say that this is going to be a film with power packed performances by Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani. The film will hit the theatres on 15th March 2013 and is definitely recommended if you like some ‘hatke’ comedy with warm popcorn and soda.



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