Teen Patti: Music Review

The much awaited Big B starrer, Teen Patti has released its rocking music on the hottest radio station, Radio Mirchi. With a talented musician duo of Salim-Sulaiman, what more can one expect? Present at the release, were the musicians, along with Amitabh Bachchan, producer Ambika Hindhuja, director Leena Yadav and debutant actors Dhruv, Vaibhav, Siddhrath and Shraddha Kapoor. Senior Bachchan found the concept of launching the music on radio station highly innovative.

Teen Patti is a niche album because many of the songs are in English, but if you like it, you could listen to it all day. Though we know very little about the film plot, it is said that, the story tells about a mathematician who has cracked a formula that is applicable to the card game Teen Patti and the journey of lies deceit and betrayal begins.

Title track” Teen Patti Ke Gulam” is upbeat and the trance music reminds one of the Acid Factory soundtrack.

“Intezar Me Chupa kahin” starts off slow before picking up pace and reaches to a crash-driven rock anthem. The drum work is fluid, guitar solos are good and vocals are rough enough to pass off as on out and out hard rock number, oscillating between two extremities of the genre.

The remix is interspersed with Amitabh Bachchan’s “Khel hai baby/khel hai”. The beats are very catchy and it is a great song for salsa. Intezar me Chupa Kahi is done by Naresh Kamat with good tone and pitch and it is rock song, guitar are very impressive. There is an element of suspense in the song also. Newbie Sonia Sehgal takes over with full-throated English vocals and has a powerful voice. The dramatic element of the song is good and it sounds truly international.

A glimpse of the background music score can be heard in the trailers. Needless to say, Salim-Sulaiman are background score specialists and do a great job with sound tracks. Teen Patti offers a dollop of dreams; the lyrics are a cautionary tale against gambling, greed and money. The video of Neeyat has got sizzling picturaisation with pole-dancing Brazilian model. The song has some Spanish elements also.

All in all, Teen Patti’s music is an interesting amalgamation of Indian and international music and sounds promising.

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