Aamir Khan’s Magic – Will it work on Peepli Live?

peepli live review

Any movie, which has Aamir Khan as part of its cast or as a producer involved in the film will always attract a lot of media attention and hype. This bollywood superstar has established a reputation of being a perfectionist in every aspect of his professional life. Whether he is acting or producing, each movie has his unmistakable stamp on it and somehow he seems to have a good … [Read more...]

Best Film Festivals in the World

best film festivals

Film festivals around the world are the showcase of new and upcoming cinema in some places, and of recognition of the best cinema at other venues. Primarily a film festival is a series of screenings of films released in the last year. The festivals may be subject specific, such gay and lesbian films, or they may have a special focus on a particular filmmaker or genre. The … [Read more...]