Rakht Charitra 2 Movie Review – Hardcore action and Commendable Acting

rakth charitra 2

[ad#post-large] After the success of Rakht Charitra 1, the sequel Rakht Charitra 2, expectedly developed the story of power, dominance and revenge that was showcased in Rakht Charitra 1. The sequel, which has been released within a short interval of time, is again focusing on the rivalry between Vivek Oberoi and Suriya. The Plot This time, it is Surya Narayan Reddy or … [Read more...]

30 Best Bollywood Movies of the Last Decade – Part 2


Following our previous article which highlighted some of the best made hindi movies of the last decade, we got another guest writer to research and come up with more movies that are a nice watch. Buy their DVDs, get a cooler of beer and a bowl of popcorn, and we assure you that you will not get bored :) So here's another compilation of the 10 best Bollywood flicks of the last … [Read more...]

Phoonk 2 Trailer Released

Ram Gopal Verma is one film maker who only makes the films that he believes in. While some of his flicks have been major hits, some have seen major failure. Yet, his conviction and self belief has never seen a setback. His new film is another horror flick, Phoonk 2. It is a sequel of Phoonk that came around two years back. Based on black magic and superstitions, the film … [Read more...]

Rann – Movie Review

rann movie review

Television news has become the main source of information for most of us. But there has always been a nagging feeling that maybe we are being taken for a ride and that maybe they are not giving us the whole story, only a biased view of it. Ram Gopal Verma has now picked up this very topical subject and made it the backdrop of his film Rann. Corrupt politicians have been the … [Read more...]