The Social Impact of Aamir Khan Movies: The Only Secret to His Success

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If actors were to be judged on their acting skills by their bodies of work, then among the current crop of Bollywood actors, Aamir Khan is most likely to surface as the finest of the lot. Sure, Shahrukh lexapro dosage has a sense of humour which cannot be beaten and Salman has this unique charm which makes him loved by one and all. But when it comes to acting and movies, Aamir … [Read more...]

Why Bollywood Movies Never Win at the Academy Awards

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The Oscars, formally known as The Academy Awards, are still oblivious to the magnanimous pools of talent that lie within Bollywood’s professionals. These awards are one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in the world of film-making and winning an Oscar (in spite of all its criticisms) is still considered as an achievement by all and sundry. Every year, one of our desi … [Read more...]

Aamir Khan’s Success Secrets – The Genius of Bollywood Movies!


Aamir Khan is often tagged as a  maverick, a perfectionist, a genius in marketing Bollywood movies and sometimes, 'Mr Blockbuster Khan'. It is not easy enough to slot this guy. He has successfully handled the four spheres of film making which perhaps none of his contemporaries have managed to do - Acting, Direction, Production and Marketing. Surely Aamir has something unique in … [Read more...]

Movie Review: Peepli [Live] – A no-preachy, hard hitting satire

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Secret: I had started this blog with the sole intention of writing about hindi movies and discussing the various trends in Bollywood about movies, music, celebrities and the lot. But the sad state of films, copied stories, scene to scene lifts of Hollywood hits and other forms of thievery which was rampant in the hindi film industry did leave little for me to write about. … [Read more...]

Peepli Live Trailer

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Peepli Live is an Aamir Khan production. Need we say more? :) Watch the exclusive trailer of Peepli Live and I am quite sure it will leave a smile on your face. Satire, cynicism and ironical humor - these stark realities reflect abundantly in this one minute video. [intlink id="1413" type="post"]Read more about … [Read more...]