The Times and Life of the Queen of Hearts – Rani Mukherjee

Rani Mukherjee

Have you seen the movie called ‘Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat’? If not, don’t bother … it’s a disaster. But again, on second thoughts, I’d suggest go ahead and see as much of it as you can tolerate, the next time it is aired on the television. When you see the short, fat-ish, dark, firebrand protagonist, you can’t help marveling at how she’s now metamorphosed into the damsel who now … [Read more...]

Emergence Of The Female Hero – Is Change Round The Corner?

Dimple Kapadia Zakhmi Aurat

‘7 Khoon Maaf’ marks the completion of a trilogy of sorts. Within two months of 2011, we have viewed 3 movies which have advocated female empowerment is never-before ways. While ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’ marks the emergence of a storyline where the “heroine” gets all the good shots, lines and scenes, ‘No One Killed Jessica’ told the story of a wronged woman who gets her case … [Read more...]

Movies with a Message- A New Recipe for Success

Rang De Basanti

Have you ever walked out of a movie hall feeling a sudden surge of patriotism? Or maybe, frustration at the current political system in place in our country?  Felt resentment towards those who indulge in racial/caste-based discrimination? Or, the pain of those suffering from acute poverty or some congenital disorder? I’m sure most of you have felt one or more of the above … [Read more...]

No One Killed Jessica because She is Alive Once More.

Soul. A soul is what gives a person heart. A heart is what makes the person a human. A human is that being which has feelings. Feelings are what define morality. Morality is what makes a person good or bad. And good or bad is what defines a person’s life. And life is what we all live. And live is what we do, with dignity. And dignity is all about respect, respect that is all … [Read more...]

No One Killed Jessica – Film Review

Rani in a thinking mode

Sky high expectation. Powerhouse actresses. The verdict is now out. This is a movie that was immensely awaited, both by the cine-lovers as well as the film-analysts/critics. So, the question here is whether NOKJ lives up to the hype? The answer is a big YES and a small NO. Why YES: The connect: The movie opens with a bar scene of a party where the rowdy youngster … [Read more...]