Can Cinema be used as a medium for social reform?


[Before I start my rambling, I must tell you that I have rarely tried to form articles from these opinions, most of which pop in my head quite randomly. So please forgive me if you notice a flavour of an amateur buff in this article. I will appreciate all your brickbats, kudos and comments – please be generous with them as it will help me improve this website and take it … [Read more...]

Firaaq – Nandita Das’ directorial debut

The Cast of Firaaq

Nandita Das will soon have another reason to be proud. The reason - Her directorial debut, Firaaq. Firaaq is based on fictitious incidents based on the Gujarat riots of 2002. The film depicts the lives of various people, their relationships, emotions and actions after the gory aftermath. Nandita hopes that the film will spark dialogue on a broad variety of important issues … [Read more...]

Trailer of Firaaq

Here's the theatrical trailer of Firaaq. From these few glimpses of the film, it sure seems to be as hard hitting as the director herself. Whether or not the film does well at the box-office, it will definitely raise important questions regarding our society, questions which our otherwise ignored out of cowardice.  Firaaq is is Nandita Das's directorial debut which is slated … [Read more...]