30 Best Bollywood Movies of the Last Decade – Part 1


Bollywood. Could India have lived without it? I think not. It’s as much an integral part of Indian culture as is our religion and spirituality. Though it is notorious for coming up with some of the worst flicks ever, it is more renowned for coming up with some of the best masterpieces that cinema has seen.  From melodramatic plots to elaborate dance sequences, from mainstream … [Read more...]

Music Review: Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge

Composed by Amit Mishra and Pritam Chakraborty and written by Irshad Kamil, the music scores of the film ‘Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?’ are just about average. One of its songs that is being popularized through promos and television advertisements is the title track. It is good for a one-time listen, but nothing great that can be hummed later on. Most of the songs are just … [Read more...]

Movie Review – Wake Up Sid

wake up sid movie review

Wake Up Sid - Synopsis Wake Up Sid revolves around the story of Siddharth, a rich spoilt brat living off his father's money without a single care in the world. His only penchant is photography and spending money which he proudly claims to be his dad. However, as all stories in tinseltown go, his life changes when he meets the demure newcomer in his city, Aisha (played by … [Read more...]