Bollywood’s Top Five Male Singers in 2011

Sonu Nigam

For those who live in a world of nostalgia, there has been no greater male singer in Bollywood than Mohd. Rafi. There are some others who will take up cudgels on behalf of Kishore Kumar, since for many years after he ruled the musical waves of Mumbai. Today however there is a new crop of singers and they are making sure that they leave their imprints in this industry, and many … [Read more...]

I AM – a film which has made waves even before its commercial release

I AM directed by Onir

Onir, the director of the highly acclaimed movie – My Brother Nikhil, is about to release his latest presentation I am. The film has been produced by Sanjay Suri and Onir. Prior to its commercial release, this film has been acclaimed by critics and juries at various film festivals and it was the winner at the River to River festival at Florence and at many other specialized … [Read more...]