10 Hindi Films Which Changed the Course of Bollywood Filmmaking


There have been movies and then there have been extraordinary movies… movies that have changed the way we look at society and at basic human emotions such as love. Here is a line-up of Hindi movies which in our opinion have made a solid lasting impact on Bollywood filmmaking and its various techniques. In fact, some of the names below have already become legends in Bollywood … [Read more...]

30 Best Bollywood Movies of the Last Decade – Part 1


Bollywood. Could India have lived without it? I think not. It’s as much an integral part of Indian culture as is our religion and spirituality. Though it is notorious for coming up with some of the worst flicks ever, it is more renowned for coming up with some of the best masterpieces that cinema has seen.  From melodramatic plots to elaborate dance sequences, from mainstream … [Read more...]

The Rise and Rise of Shankar Ehsaan Loy

Mavericks in a World of Mediocrity

This trio, who have been dubbed in the music world as the Amar-Akbar-Anthony musicians, have brought about a refreshing change in Hindi film music. To use an oft-repeated cliché, they are a breath of fresh air in the stifling atmosphere of mediocrity that seems to exist in the field of film music nowadays. Let us begin by reading what they say about their beginnings as a … [Read more...]