30 Best Bollywood Movies of the Last Decade – Part 2


Following our previous article which highlighted some of the best made hindi movies of the last decade, we got another guest writer to research and come up with more movies that are a nice watch. Buy their DVDs, get a cooler of beer and a bowl of popcorn, and we assure you that you will not get bored :) So here's another compilation of the 10 best Bollywood flicks of the last … [Read more...]

30 Best Bollywood Movies of the Last Decade – Part 1


Bollywood. Could India have lived without it? I think not. It’s as much an integral part of Indian culture as is our religion and spirituality. Though it is notorious for coming up with some of the worst flicks ever, it is more renowned for coming up with some of the best masterpieces that cinema has seen.  From melodramatic plots to elaborate dance sequences, from mainstream … [Read more...]

Ghajini music review – Sensational!


AR Rahman and Aamir Khan have always been associated with innovativation and originality. Combine them and you get a super hit album. But with Ghajini "the bigger just got better!” Read this honest music review of Ghajini and listen to the tunes to judge for yourself. Guzarish: Perhaps the most hummed song this year after "kabhi kabhi aditi" (again AR Rahman!), comes … [Read more...]