Movie Review: Peepli [Live] – A no-preachy, hard hitting satire

peepli live review

Secret: I had started this blog with the sole intention of writing about hindi movies and discussing the various trends in Bollywood about movies, music, celebrities and the lot. But the sad state of films, copied stories, scene to scene lifts of Hollywood hits and other forms of thievery which was rampant in the hindi film industry did leave little for me to write about. … [Read more...]

Peepli Live Trailer

peepli live

Peepli Live is an Aamir Khan production. Need we say more? :) Watch the exclusive trailer of Peepli Live and I am quite sure it will leave a smile on your face. Satire, cynicism and ironical humor - these stark realities reflect abundantly in this one minute video. [intlink id="1413" type="post"]Read more about … [Read more...]

Aamir Khan’s Magic – Will it work on Peepli Live?

peepli live review

Any movie, which has Aamir Khan as part of its cast or as a producer involved in the film will always attract a lot of media attention and hype. This bollywood superstar has established a reputation of being a perfectionist in every aspect of his professional life. Whether he is acting or producing, each movie has his unmistakable stamp on it and somehow he seems to have a good … [Read more...]

30 Best Bollywood Movies of the Last Decade – Part 2


Following our previous article which highlighted some of the best made hindi movies of the last decade, we got another guest writer to research and come up with more movies that are a nice watch. Buy their DVDs, get a cooler of beer and a bowl of popcorn, and we assure you that you will not get bored :) So here's another compilation of the 10 best Bollywood flicks of the last … [Read more...]

Top 10 Most Controversial Bollywood Couples (who broke up)

break up 2

What is the one thing that Bollywood is famous for, besides films? Controversies! We as Indians always love a little filmi gossip in our lives about our favorite stars, especially if they’re getting hooked or getting their hearts broken. Be it a simple coffee table discussion, or a heated debate at the parliament; the Shiv Sena making a nuisance about a movie (My Name is Khan, … [Read more...]