Sunny Leone to star in Jism 2 – Sneak Peek!

We Indians are obsessed with skin. White skin, in particular. In the 17th century, a few white people from England came and impressed the then ruling class of this country. Slowly and steadily, they started ruling the huge country themselves.

40 years after Indians did manage to get their political freedom, a particular firang managed to charm them and become the chief of the country’s largest political party.

Bollywood is no different

The trend continues. White skinned females are always welcomed with open arms in the Indian film industry. And for what? Because our Bollywood filmmakers know that if there’s one thing that draws the public to theaters, its fresh white skin.

Who has the time to sit, think, write and direct a movie with a strong story line when all you have to do is cast a firang ready to spill her jugs on the screen?
It’s happened with tons of foreign film stars who came as demure models and landed a role or two in Bollywood. Some, like Katrina Kaif, have managed to stick around and make a name for themselves in the industry. Others, like Barbara Mori and Yana Gupta are quickly forgotten.

Sunny Leone Jism 2 Poster
Sunny Leone on the Jism 2 Poster

Sunny Leone – Will she or won’t she?

Sunny Leone entered the common Indian man’s mind with her entry into Bigg Boss, a popular reality show on television. A super sexy personality coupled with a profession as notorious as adult films? How can such a notorious combo not work in a sex deprived country such as India? I can remember how we talked about her in casual conversations.

“Dude, have you heard about Sunny Leone? She is a pornstar coming in a TV show!”

This was a line I heard quite often and I had already deduced that producers would be dripping with lust, eager to cast her in a Bollywood.

Jism 2

The Bhatts, who are famous for making sensuous Bollywood films such as Jism, Paap, Rog, Murder, etc. are the first who have approached Sunny Leone to star in a Bollywood film. They want to cast her as the main lead in Jism 2. Will Sunny Leone accept the offer?

“I really liked meeting Mahesh Bhatt and Pooja. But whether I am doing their movie or not, I am not sure yet. It depends on a lot of factors including how my adult-content business in the US reacts to my Bollywood aspirations.” – Sunny Leone

All was well. Sunny had decided to drop her adult movie career in the US and carry on her aspirations as a Bollywood star. She even shot for the sizzling poster which shows the sillouhette of a naked woman draped in a white sheet, lying on her back.

But apparently, some issues have cropped up and suddenly no one’s sure as to what will happen next. Will Sunny Leone star in Jism 2 or not?

Jism (2003) was a path breaking film. A woman’s raw sexuality had been captured beautifully in an Indian film for the first time. There was no vulgarity, a characteristic of Indian films depicting stories around sex.

If the Bhatts can get it right with the story and the star cast, Jism 2 might push the boundaries as well. The curiosity about Jism 2 stems from its very theme. A bold and beautiful lead female character involved in crimes of passion.


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