Sneak Preview: Road, Movie

Based on a script that was an official favorite at the L’Atelier du Cannes in 2006, ‘Road, Movie’ is directed by Dev Benegal and produced by Ross Katz and Susan B. Landau. These US based producers have mapped the entire Indian terrain, from deserts to the sea as beautifully as they can. It is a 95 minute feature that has gained enough accolades from the audiences at the Toronto Film Festival. The international appeal of the film before release is such that it has been selected for a world premiere at The Winter Garden Theatre on September 18 this year.

This movie is a story of the intriguing journey of a restless man Vishnu (played by Abhay Deol). He is not interested in the failing business of hair oil operated by his father decides to get away. He finds a resort in the form of an old truck.

It belongs to his uncle and was once used as a theater on wheels that was run by his uncle. This truck and some stuff that is safe in its back are sold to a museum in a city of sea. Vishnu takes the responsibility of taking the truck from the deserts to the sea.

On his long journey, he finds a few interesting characters – Mohammed Faizal Usmani who plays a young boy who has eloped from his house, Satish Kaushik who is an old age entertainer who keeps wandering around and Tannishtha Chatterjee who plays a beautiful gypsy woman. As the team of these 4 roams around in the empty barren lands of India, they come across some harsh realities of life.

The story twists when they meet some corrupt cops. The only key to their freedom after this is the material that is kept in the truck – a rare film collection and two antique film projectors.

As the journey proceeds, all the characters face a transformation for a lifetime, especially Vishnu who was never serious in life. He now realizes the importance of this blissful gift of God and how to take of this in a dependable manner.

All the actors are lauded for their soulful performance in the flick. The audiences say that they would love to watch this movie again and again as it is an enjoyable experience.

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