Sneak Preview: Kites

Hrithik Roshan’s next flick that is slated for its release on May 21 this year, along with Prakash Jha’s ‘Rajneeti is ‘Kites.’ It is expected to be the most expensive film of Bollywood till date, costing Rs. 150 crore or $25 million to its producer and the father of this star, Rakesh Roshan. Directed by ‘Gangster’ & ‘Life In a … Metro’ fame Anurag Basu, it is expected to be released with sub titles in Hindi and English. That is because the film has 4 languages being spoken – Hindi, English, Spanish and Philippino.

Kites is a dance-based action thriller that revolves around a love triangle. Hrithik Roshan plays the role of J, a young easygoing, carefree boy who is a salsa teacher in Las Vegas. Kangana Ranaut is his student who is madly in love with him. Then comes the Latina girl Natasha that is played by Mexican beauty Barbara Mori. She can only speak Spanish and J does not know a word of this language. Even though they have the least of communication, Cupid strikes the two and the entire life changes for J. Anyhow, circumstances take them apart. J is determined to get back his love no matter what it takes. He shall cross all the geographical boundaries and meet all the problems that come his way to get back his love.

It is a story of the journey of finding love and facing unexpected betrayals, along with hardcore action and intriguing locations. The film starts with J abandoned at a hot and sunny desert where J has been left alone to die, but his perseverance to find the love of his life keeps him alive. The trailer of the film shows Barbara dressed in sexy bikinis, swimming with the Greek God of Indian cinema, Hrithik. Their sizzling chemistry is sure to add some spice to the plot.

The film also stars Luce Rains and Kabir Bedi. The main attractions of the film seem to be its dances directed by American choreographer Flexy Stu, music composed by Irshad Alam and Kanika Arya and the ecstatic locations where it has been shot. One song in the film has been shot at Mumbai and it is choreographed by Farah Khan.

After films like ‘Koi Mil gaya’ and ‘Krrish’ the father-son duo has set a trend of delivering hits one after the other. As a result, the audiences also expect a lot when the two come together. Let’s see whether this project brings the same success with it or not.

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