Shahid Throwing Starry Tantrums!

Among the leading names of the film industry, Shahid Kapoor has carved a niche for himself. As a result, this star has started to do ‘Chance Pe Dance.’ Internal sources have reported that Shahid is now giving a tough time to his director Parmeet Sethi.

Parmeet is making his directorial debut in Yash Raj Film’s next release ‘Badmaash Company.’ The female lead in the film is Anushka Sharma who is said to have signed a three-films contract with YRF.

The eye witnesses say, “The tiff started with Shahid’s inquisitiveness. He questioned all the decisions made by Parmeet. Another issue was that Parmeet asked for a lot of retakes, while Shahid insisted that the shot was perfect. It went up to the extent that Shahid refused to come on the sets. Then producer Aditya Chopra had to intervene and look into the issue to convince the star. Shahid somewhat cooled down and he and Parmeet are now working along but share a cold vibe and no conversation at all.”

In fact, Shahid is now frequently mocking at his director. In a recent interview he said, “I would mind any thing else, but I’m always ready for a retake now!”

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