Shah Rukh Khan – What Makes Him Tick

For many years now Shah Rukh Khan has been the undisputed king of all he surveys. Most of his films are major box office hits and even the ones which have not succeeded, made enough money for the producers in the opening hype itself. He does more endorsements than any other star and commands his own price for anything that he does, be it shows or advertisements. There have been many actors who have tried to nudge him from his throne, but he still remains Number One and the first choice of all the top banners and production houses.

Milestones of his career:

Darr PosterAnjaam Poster

Shah Rukh Khan’s Early Film’s – Darr & Baazigar & Anjaam

He began his filmy career in 1992 with Deewana and by the next year he had begun to earn critical acclaim with films such as Darr and Baazigar. In both these films he played negative roles – a risky venture for any new star. But then he has never been averse to trying new roles and proving that he is capable of carrying them on his shoulders with aplomb. His box office successes have outnumbered those of any other star and along the way he has also picked up every major award available, including one for the best villain in the film Anjaam. Everything he does is grist for the media, and as soon as he signs a new film all eyes are turned towards that movie.

What makes him tick?

What is so special about him?

What sets him apart from all the others?

Incredible talent:

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge
Chak De India

In the midst of all the hype about Shah Rukh Khan, we tend to forget the fact that he is a phenomenal actor. Whether it is the Prem of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge or the autistic Khan of My Name is Khan or the villain of Baazigar, each character is etched in great detail and with immense finesse. He makes it look very easy and effortless, but there is a lot of planning and practise which goes into it. He can perform a histrionic role as in Om Shanti Om with all it’s accompanying exaggerations with as much perfection as the underplayed role of a hockey coach in Chak De India. Even mediocre directors can elicit great performances, and great directors such as Mani Ratnam have chosen him for their films such as Dil Se, knowing that he will deliver a great performance.

Catering to the audience:

He has his pulse on what the audience is seeking and he delivers it manifold. Whether it is the comedy Main Hoon Na or the ultimate Romance movie Veer Zaara, he adapts his performances to suit the ambience of the film and expectations of the audience. He can dance, he can laugh and he can make you cry all in one film. In the new DON 2 he is again playing a negative character whom he calls an “inglorious bastard ” – a role which he is looking forward to playing, since Don is a complex person. Shah Rukh is one of the few actors who can even “do bad things with style”. The audience relishes the fact that he makes even crime look cool.

Onscreen Charisma:

There is just that something extra in SRK’s onscreen persona which sets him apart from the others. The world-famous smile, dimples which just add to his looks and an ability to speak as if he was communicating with you and you alone all combine together to make an irresistible package. You cannot bottle that particular charm and label it. It is just there and all of us fall for it hook, line and stinker. He knows he is good and his swagger and confidence are evident in all his performances.

Best Production Houses and the Best Directors:

Shah Rukh  is the first choice of most great directors and production houses. He chooses his scripts carefully and makes sure that there is never any complaint about not having given his best for any film. This careful vetting of films and scripts and directors has helped his career a great deal. Khan is also well-known for his lack of tantrums and his professionalism on the sets and during the shooting of a film.

Gossip-free family life:

Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan, Aryaan and Suhaana

Shah Rukh’s devotion to his wife Gauri and son Aryan and daughter Suhaana is a well-known fact. He has rarely provided any masala to the gossip columnists except for an occasional minor tiff with fellow co-stars. He concentrates on his work and does not indulge in extra-curricular activities which may distract him from the job on hand. This is a rare attribute among stars and only adds to his charms and viability.

The SRK Magic is inimitable and unique. Many other stars have many of the above attributes but there is only one who has all of them rolled into one. His perfectionism and his professionalism are part of his business qualities, but his acting ability and all-pervading magnetism are what make him the reigning Khan of Bollywood.

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  1. sandi says

    thanks, this was nice except for one minor mistake… in My Name Is Khan, SRK’s character Rizwan was autistic, not dyslexic…a world of difference!

  2. Mridula says

    You are right – Sandi – he was autistic and not dyslexic. Will correct that mistake and thanks for pointing it out

  3. Mahe Talat says

    Nice article Mridula. Personally, I have always felt that the one thing that makes SRK different from all other people is that he is immensely intelligent. It takes an intelligent person to read the minds of the audience he caters to, to take on worthless projects and still make them stand out (don’t believe me, go see Chahat, Guddu, Ye hai India meri jaan). His willingness to experiment (Maya Memsaab, Anjaam right at the beginning of his career) and to reinvent himself willingly and effortlessly all stem from the mind which is very sharp and receptive. His ability to chose a partner and early in life and stick to her no matter what and to steer clear of all controversies that can mar one’s personal image as well as the child’s future… it takes a very confident and intelligent person to do that. I am big big SRK fan and I wish him continued success 🙂

    • Prateek Modi says

      Sure SRK is a commendable actor and a person but I really think he still has a lot to prove on the big screen and do different roles and try different genre. What I mean is that I think he has done enough love stories or action flicks. If he is so good then why doesn’t he try something different? I really doubt it will be a success. Only time will tell.

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