SEO Tips To Try At Home

Whether you need help with your keyword analysis, off-page SEO improvement, or on-page optimization aid, these next few tips should help you get started. And remember, whenever you feel you are stuck, get in touch with us and let an expert hand do its thing.

Keyword Analysis Ideas

You can use the keyword planner from Google and come across keywords that are less competitive, but which feature higher search volumes. Select the right key phrases and create lists of the relative keywords using the relevance criteria. Google’s planner is free and it can help you quickly find less competitive keywords to get higher search visitors and better rankings.  

On-Page Optimization Tips

Start by creating interesting and highly descriptive articles and keep readers’ interest high at all times. Maintain your clarity and perform quality control at all times. Duplicate content is extremely easy to spot by big search engines; stay away from keyword stuffing and similar so-called black-hat SEO strategies. Make sure your titles are short and sweet and insert your main keywords or keyword phrases into them. The density of your keywords should be permanently maintained at an optimal rate so you do not receive any specific penalties from Google’s Algorithms Penalties system. Use SEO-friendly URLs that strongly relate to your content. For instance, if you are writing about online lotteries like the ones you can find on the LotteryPlanet site, make sure you create accurate URLs for your sites and blogs. Place your main keyword in the very first paragraph of your articles to make search engines understand that the content is in fact related to the title. Use one image per article for a more powerful impact on both readers and search engines. Do not hesitate to use headings so improve the readability degree of your stories. You could also highlight your keywords for similar reasons or use tags instead.  

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