Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif at a Private Screening of Ghajini

Salman Khan has always been known for endorsing his friend’s films and supporting them all out. This time, it is Ghajini. The actor was present at Mukesh Ambani’s house a few days back for a private screening of Ghajini along with close friends and relatives and needless to say, he had nothing but praises for the film.

“Aamir’s performance in the movie is simply amazing. Though he has built a different body for the movie and worked hard on the physique, it is his acting which makes the movie worth a watch,” says Salman.

Salman also believes that Ghajini will be a sureshot success, both at the box-office and in critical pieces. Both Salman and Katrina have been raving about the movie, saying how good the finer aspects of the film are. Aamir seems to have done it yet again, but we can’t be too sure, can we?

Ghajini will be released on 25th December. Meanwhile, you can watch the music videos and listen to songs from the movie which are now available on our site. Keep yourself glued here for quick updates on Ghajini and other films in the offing.

ghajini 2008 aamir khan
ghajini 2008 aamir khan
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