Raaz 2 – The Mystery Continues – Sneak Preview

The blow thrown by Raaz 2 – The Mystery Continues’ teasers and promos at various functions is just to incredible to let go unnoticed. Just a 90 second glimpse is enough to tell that the movie is going to be much more that senseless scripts and stories and half baked plots, or mindless songs.

“What really stands out in the promo is that never once do the frames turn gory or ugly. Instead, the promo showcases the film to be a thrilling encounter with some spine chilling moments intact without resorting to ‘let’s scare you with ugly faces’ look!” Some instances in the small promo betray a really scary background in the film.

“Also, the promo focuses on Kangna’s character, who plays the central protagonist with Emraan Hashmi following next as the star attraction.”

Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt have already said that this is one film which is going to get every possible attention from them – they want it to be as big as it is possible. Be it the songs or the execution of the story, the cinematography or the editing.

Mukesh Bhatts says – “We wanted it to convey the right mood of the film without resorting to being gory or too violent. Raaz – The Mystery Continues, as conveyed by the title, is centered on mystery and this is what remains to be it’s true essence.”

Raaz 2 is going to be directed by Mohit Suri who has so far completed five previous movies with the Bhatts. He says that the theme of the film tries to put across the ageless phenomenon of the supernatural forces that surrounds us and in the process, brings out meaningful entertainment.

Raaz-The Mystery Continues deals with issues of the “evil within” the human psyche and how it manifests itself. It is based on the myths and superstitions that are still widely existent in the contemporary Indian society. The film attempts to challenge one’s beliefs about paranormal phenomena. It is about anticipation of fear and the fright residing within ones’ self.

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