Peter Gaya Kaam Se: Sneak Preview

Rajiv Khandelwal is back after Aamir, with Peter Gaya Kaam Se. Unlike his previous melancholic venture, Peter Gaya… is a fast paced action thriller, with a bit of romance thrown in. Directed by John Owen and produced by UTV Motion Pictures, the story revolves around our main character Peter (Khandelwal).

Peter is portrayed as a crazy motorcycle taxi rider who lives in Goa. He decides to quit his job and turn his back on his sleazy loan shark boss Bosco. But before he leaves, he has to do one last job – one that will change his life forever.

Due to be released in March, Peter Gaya Kaam Se casts south Indian actress Lekha Washington opposite Khandelwal. This is Washington’s first Bollywood venture. Will the chemistry between our leading actors create wonders for the movie, or will it tank at the box office? Watch this space for more.

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