Music of Aisha – A Spellbinding Score from Amit Trivedi

With Aisha releasing in a few days, Amit Trivedi is shining as the new star on the Bollywood music scene. Every new music album of his is awaited with breathless anticipation. Comparisons with[intlink id=”1368″ type=”post”]A R Rahman[/intlink] are inevitable, since there is the same sense of excitement when his music is about to be released.
Combine Amit Trivedi’s talents with those of Javed Akhtar and you know that the result will be something unique, foot-tapping and unforgettable. They have teamed up in producer Rhea Kapoor and director Rajshree Ojha’s film Aisha. The music has just been released, and sure enough it has created a buzz around town and once again it seems like Amit Trivedi is about to score a WINNER.

Amit Trivedi - Aisha's Music Composer

The film stars Abhay Deol and Sonam Kapoor, and seems to be a chic flick with a difference. Both these stars have established themselves as stars with a difference, they choose their films carefully and they always give us superb performances, even though the film may not leave too much of a mark in the box office.

Aisha Music Review

Amit Trivedi has composed a thoroughly different type of score for this film, in keeping with the youthful scenario and the refreshing young and fresh look of the cast and story. He has himself stated – “ ‘Aisha’ has a very young, bubbly and vivacious kind of music. Since the film is a romantic comedy, the music is very different from my previous film”

The title track of Aisha, ‘Suno Aisha’,  lays the foundation for an upbeat theme through the entire music score. Amit Trivedi, Nakash Aziz and Ash King have provided the vocals. ‘Suno Aisha’ is steadily climbing the best seller charts, FYI. Gal Mithi Mithi has a strong flavour of Punjab folk music embedded in it, combined with an urban appeal and a rocking beat. Even in numbers such as Shaam  and Behke Behke, the youthful flavour has been kept intact, and the theme of joy and laughter and energy is carried through every lyric and score.
Overall the music of Aisha is very impressive. The singers are all fairly new, and Anushka Manchand and Neuman Pinto and Nikhil D’Souza seem to have finally found a launchpad for their amazing voices. Javed Akhtar as always writes poetry with ease and beauty and Amit Trivedi adds music to it, to give us an unforgettable score.

Abhay Deol & Sonam Kapoor in Aisha
Abhay Deol & Sonam Kapoor

Bubbly, peppy and light-hearted, the music of Aisha mirrors the spirit and the enthusiasm of the film. Jane Austen’s Emma never looked this bright and lively before, and the world just seems to be suddenly brighter, full of enthusiasm and laughter.

Want to listen to the album? [intlink id=”1430″ type=”post”]Download the music album of Aisha[/intlink]!

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