Movie Review: Toh Baat Pakki

‘Toh Baat Pakki’ is a typical Hindi film story served with simple dressings. Hats off to the director and the superior performances of Sharman Joshi and Tabu who are just perfect ion their roles.

It is the story of Rajeshwari (Tabu) a typical Indian housewife who is obsessed with the idea of getting her younger sister Nisha (Yuvika Chaudhary) married to a well settled guy. Sharman Joshi plays Rahul, an engineering student who seems to be just a perfect match. Rajeshwari does all that she can to fix them up together and obviously, Rahul & Nisha feel in love.

Then enters Yuvraj (Vatsal Seth) who is a better choice for Nisha as per Rajeshwari. She fixes up the wedding and tries to get them married against the will of the two lovers. Rahul wants to marry his love but they choose to fight it out with the family decently rather than eloping, like many other film stories. Rahul enters the household in the form of a wedding planner trying to impress all in the family and plotting against Yuvraj. The last scene is quite obvious where Yuvraj backs out and hands over the bride to her love of life.

While the first half of the film is full of light hearted pleasant comedy, second part is rather bent emotionally. The songs & dances fail to impress and hence go over board in many places. Tabu fans would love to film any way as she is a real treat to watch all through the film. Vatsal Seth & Yuvika are just average. Ayub Khan reminds you of the submissive husbands of 80s, more oft played by veteran actor Kadar Khan.

All in all it is a decent family film that can be seen once!

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