Rakht Charitra 2 Movie Review – Hardcore action and Commendable Acting

A Ram Gopal Movie


After the success of Rakht Charitra 1, the sequel Rakht Charitra 2, expectedly developed the story of power, dominance and revenge that was showcased in Rakht Charitra 1. The sequel, which has been released within a short interval of time, is again focusing on the rivalry between Vivek Oberoi and Suriya.

The Plot

This time, it is Surya Narayan Reddy or Suriya who is desperate to avenge on Pratap, the character played by Vivek Oberoi. Suriya had lost his family members in blasts, and he was going mad with grief. Out of grief and anger, he vows to take revenge of his family’s tragic death. It is his avenge that once again made Vivek Oberoi to walk in the path of violence. The play of power between Suriya and Vivek Oberoi will surely not allow anyone to miss a scene of the movie. While the action packed scenes between Vivek Oberoi and Suriya will give you a spine-chilling experience, the brilliant acting of Shatrughan Sinha will make you speechless. The veteran actor though did not have much screen presence except playing the role of Shivaji, a senior politician, and mentor of Vivek Oberoi.

If you have seen Rakht Charitra 1, it will obviously be easier for you to understand its sequel from the very first scene. Yet, there is nothing to hesitate if you have missed Rakht Charitra 1. Director Ram Gopal Verma has finely blended the highlights of Rakht Charitra1 in the sequel movie. In the first few minutes of the sequel movie, the director has skillfully recapitulated the Rakht Charitra 1.

Therefore, you will not feel clueless if you are new to the story of Rakht Charitra. After a few moments, the new plot settles on the screen, and grips your attention. As the story unfolds, the action scenes between the two protagonists of the movie become more powerful, and will surely arrest you to your seats. Unlike the other action films, Rakht Charitra 2 has a matured presentation of the action scenes. The scenes are not about guns, bullets and blood. Action sequels are slightly slow-paced so the viewers can feel the purpose of introducing the action in a said moment. With exceptional cinematography and immense creativity, the director has tried to show the violence that takes place in the interior villages of India.


Critical Acclaim

Not only the director Ram Gopal Verma, but also Javed-Aejaz, the action director of the film deserves special mention for the action sequences in the movie. Without his contribution, it would never have been possible to make the action scenes matured, and realistic. Like many other Bollywood movies of the recent times, Rakht Charitra 2 has its focus on the political leaders, and the corruption of the system. Yet, the story has been presented with a little difference.

Though the film does not have any ground breaking element, it will surely glue you to the sits, and you will not mind spending a few hundred bucks for the movie. It does not have any place for petty emotion, or unnecessary violence. The plot has been handled in a matured way, and strikingly different from the last few films directed by RGV.

Audiences Verdict

Hardcore action and the powerful script of the movie have received accolades from the audiences. Vivek Oberoi has once again tried to show himself as a successful actor, and has received praises for his efforts. Though the story of the movie has overshadowed the music, the title track of the movie has gained popularity among audiences. The other tracks are also expected to follow the trend soon.

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