Milk – Movie review

In the year 1977 Harvey Milk was elected to be one of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors. He became the first gay man who was voted into the public office in America. This was a huge victory and was not just a victory in terms of political affairs but was also a big victory for the rights of the gays. In the movie, Harvey is also seen forging several coalitions all across the spectrum of politics. He was an epitome of human rights till his death in the year 1978. Under the able direction of Gus Van Sant the movie “Milk” shines all through and is filmed in San Francisco and is based from the original screenplay written by Dustin Lance Black.

Milk Movie Review

aVan Sant is a well known Hollywood director and has reached the status of being called a “groundbreaking director” with “Milk”. He has been working for the fifth time with an amazing crew that includes camera guru Harris Savides among others and his camera work provides the film with a tribal vibrancy. Scenes of Harvey walking down the streets of San Francisco simply blend in the archival footage and give us a clear view of the cartwheeling culture prevalent in the 1970s. One has to appreciate the dizzying sense of both time and place in the movie. Milk can be simply be called Van Sant’s best film with stellar performances by all, a good direction and a script and a mesmerizing camera work, this movie justifies its worth of being nominated at the Oscars.


Music Review


Milk can be aptly remembered in “Harvey Milk,” which was a docu-opera with the musical score as done by Stewart Wallace while the ibretto was done by Michael Korie. This was locally premiered at the New York City Opera. Now, operas about homosexual are nothing new but “Harvey Milk” is something else. The emotion of satisfaction, pain as well as loneliness of one single man seems to gel pretty well into a larger fabric and makes the entire affair like a grand coming-out party. The music of the movie truly captures the intensity that is portrayed by the script.

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