Live India Toolbar – All your Desi Entertainment needs!

I was asked to review this toolbar for a friend and thinking it was just another piece of software, I thought, why not. Little did I know how useful it was until I hesitantly installed it, already with the thought of uninstalling the toolbar after playing around with it for a little while. Fortunately, I will not and after reading this small review, even you will not.

One word verdict : Fantastic!

What is this, Live India toolbar?

The Live India toolbar is an aesthetically designed internet toolbar which brings the power of streaming live, India-specific content to your browser without any extra load
. In short, it features:

  • A mini radio player.
  • An Indian television channel player.
  • A weather reporter.
  • slick buttons for useful shortcuts.

It adds many other timesaving capabilities to your browser  interrupted while browsing. Along with this, it features a compact and highly useful search button for quickly searching those facts. A news button which keeps one updated about events occurring in India and an email notification option which easily notifies one when he receives an email in his Hotmail, Gmail, Rediff, or Yahoo! inbox are two other helpful features.

How does it help in improving my browsing experience?

For starters, the Live India toolbar incorporates most activities that might distract you – you can check your email, the news, weather report, listen to free desi radio and even watch Indian channels without going anywhere! On top of this, one can add more shortcuts to the toolbar for common actions. For example, if you require to open ‘notepad’ or a specific application every now and then, all you have to do is add that shortcut. As the tool bar is totally customisable, there are no ends to what you can achieve with it!

Featured live Desi radio stations: Radio of India – Bollywood, Radio Sai Global Harmony, Asian gold radio, Minnal FM, Shayam radio, Radio India, Radio Brisvaani, City 101.6, Sukh Sagar radio, Radio Mirchi, Yaar radio, Sunrise radio, Taal FM, Amor FM, Radio Tarana, Planet Bollywood, Amrit Bani radio, Bombay Beats, Desi radio, Guyana NJ FM, Kismat radio, RBC radio and more.

Streaming india specific content at your fingertips

Ever missed out on that televisions program that you wanted to see but couldn’t because of a darned appointment? Not any more! Presenting - Live India Toolbar.

pixel Live India Toolbar   All your Desi Entertainment needs!

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