Little Zizou Movie Review

Little Zizou is a small film about a boy who falls in love with football. He dreams of meeting his dream player Zinedine Zidane. This boy has lost his mother in his childhood. He believes that his mother is an angel in heaven and she would fulfill his desire of becoming a professional football player. This young boy is brought up in Parsi neighbourhood. This young boy father is an extremist who misleads Parsi community for his own selfish motives.

Theme of the movie is social. Casts of this movie are Boman Irani, Jahan Bativala, Zenobia Shroff, Iyanah Bativala, Imaad Shah and Sohrab Ardeshir. Parsi boy role is played by Jahan Bativala and his name in this movie is Xerxes. Mood of this film is light hearted and director is able to present ideas of a young boy clearly. Though role of boy is good, his side supporting characters would have been better.  Boman Irani is centre of attraction in this movie. He is clear in comedy and expressions. His hilarious comedy entertains people and makes them stick to their seat till end of movie. Movie would have been better if dream of child was fulfilled. His dream is left unattended by the director. Finally expectation of audience is not reached by director. Overall it can be rated as an average film.

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