Jashn and Sankat City – Miserably Short Reviews

Even though these films are way below what I would personally call ‘passable’, I still felt the need to review them and sit through a six hour torture solely for keeping the website and my readers updated on the various kinds of movies playing in theatres these days.

Jashn Hindi Movie Review


Genre: Romance

When the Bhatts present a movie, you can expect emotion, strong dialogue and strong women oriented stories. Jashn runs along the same lines, but fails to reach the levels of their finest films like Arth and Naam.

The story centres on the relationship between an aspiring musician and his sister. Adhyayan Suman gives a passably good performance of a brother torn between the need for money, and the sister  (Shahana Goswami) who becomes a rich man’s mistress in order to give it to him. The interpersonal relationships throughout the film are presented with great sensitivity, and it is definitely high on the emotional quotient.

However, in a film where music is the core theme, the music is disappointing. The lilt and the exuberance of young music is nowhere in evidence. The film survives on some taut performance by Adhyayan Suman and Shahana Goswami. The best scenes in the film are when the two of them are facing each other.

This movie had the potential to be a great film, but it is just a better than average film. The first half of the film is definitely the better half, and the climax has been done well, even though it was highly predictable.

Our recommendation – tolerable for an evening’s entertainment

Sankat City – Hindi Movie Review

Sankat City aspires to be a crime comedy, but unfortunately it does not succeed.

There are too many characters and too many twists and turns to the entire narrative. Pankaj Advani as a director does manage to keep his multiple characters and multi layered story in a groove, but somehow the fun is not there. The joyful  scenes in the movie, however, are the spoofs on Bollywood’s clichéd themes.

The dialogue is quite witty and wild in parts, and Kay Kay Menon shines as a comedy star, but apart from that there are few redeeming features in the movie.

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