Jai Veeru Movie Review

I am proud to be Indian has come out with his latest movie Jai Veeru. Fardeen khan is actor in this movie. Other casts present in movie are Kunal Khemuu, Anjana Sukhani, Dia mirza and Arbaaz Khan. Jai Fardeen khan is secret cop out for finding underworld dons Tejpal (Arbaaz Khan). While carrying out his secret investigation, he finds Veeru (Kunal) and saves him from few goons. Arbaaz khan played role of an underworld don Tejpal. When Veeru comes to know about jai, he will be attacked by Tejpal men, but he assumes that it was done by Jai. Tejpal men attack Veeru for getting back secret diary of don Tejpal. Dia Mirza looks gorgeous in movie, but she has only few scenes.

This story is taken from an old movie bulletproof. Even though Jai plays major role in movie, it’s Kunal Khemmu who has done some good action. Story is quite simple and pretty easy to understand, but director has partially succeeded in showing it. Some action sequences and fights of movie are good, but story line and screenplay would have been better. I am proud to be Indian director Puneet Sira failed to motivate actors. His direction is bad when compared to his 2003 debut. Overall this movie can be said as an average action entertainer.

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