Gulaal Music Review

The film has some very melodius music the first opening track being ‘Aarambh hai prachand’ also followed with ‘Duniya a track which pays a tribute to Guru Dutt’s Pyaasa which is wonderfully and poetically original. The song is both a loves song and a lament. With the wonderful poetries within the songs which pay a tribute to yester years poets, one feels the need to stand up and applaud these poetically original songs.

Shilpa Rao sings a soulful song ‘Aisi Sazaa’ which takes the listener into a beautiful trance. ‘Raat Ke Musafir’ is a totally mood song that works largely because of the pure magic of the words within the song.

The sound effects and the overall volume of the other tracks ‘Sheher’ and ‘Yaara Maula’ are a mesmerizing treat to the ears.

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