Ghajini – Will it be as sensational as it seems?

Ghajini Movie Preview


Why all this hype about Ghajini?

The Aamir khan starrer Ghajini has perhaps been the most eagerly awaited movie of the year. Aamir Khan’s funky hairstyle is a cut which he gets in the movie and with so many people sporting it; it has become a new fashion phenomenon. The second reason for the hype, according to media analysts is Aamir’s answer to Shah Rukh Khan’s much admired six pack abs and the “Salman body”. Many think that with the Ghajini look Aamir has come a long way, leading the “most killer” male body league.

Ghajini is a remake of a Tamil movie with the same name which in turn is a copy of the English movie “MEMENTO”. We need not tell you that this is Aamir khan’s first “full on” action film, meaning it is his first mainstream action film. A first look promo reveals a mind blowing kick which Aamir gives a goon right on his face with the back of his foot! We are definitely expecting some unconventional stunts here.

The Story of Ghajini – A little confusing, but highly interesting

The story of ‘Ghajini’ revolves around the life of Sanjay Ramasamy i.e. Aamir Khan, a rich tycoon who falls in love with Kalpana or Asin Thottumkal (introducing), a model cum activist. One day, Kalpana comes to know of Lakshman’s i.e.Mohit Ahlawat, plan to kidnap 25 young girls and send them to Calcutta. She comes in the way of the female child racketeer and ends up being killed. Sanjay tries to save Kalpana and, in the process, gets hit on his head by a metal pole. The severe head injury results in a short term memory loss.

Now, Sanjay remembers all those incidents that happened before the injury. However, his memory after the injury gets limited to 15 minutes. After that, he forgets whatever happened in his life. The only way that he can remember, rather recall, the incidents is by tattooing notes on himself (which looks kind of cool when you see in the picture) and taking instant photographs of scenes and new memories. The tattoos makes Sanjay (Aamir khan) look dangerous, but helps remind him of the incidents that have happened in his life. He starts the hunt for the murderer of his girlfriend Kalpana.

While trying to find Kalpana’s killer, Sanjay gets involved in a series of murders and is even on the hit list of police, especially a particular police officer, Riyaz Khan. This police officer finds the diary of Sanjay, through which his story is unravelled and brought to light. Sanjay’s story also comes in the notice of Chitra i.e. Jiah Khan, a medical college student who is looking for a patient with an “interesting” record, for her college project. Touched by Sanjay’s love story, she helps him take revenge from Kalpana’s murderer…

Will Sanjay accomplish his mission or will he be arrested much before? What will happen to Chitra? Will the police be able to stop him before he kills the murderers?

A Wild Guess…

So, let’s keep guessing how interesting does Aamir khan make his action flick. Be ready for a roller coaster ride from Mr. Perfectionist, and we all know how different and innovative Mr. Khan gets with the promotion of his films. So this time he does it with 2 musical trailers of the movie without actually releasing the music. The two song trailers that are aired have created a positive hysteria on the viewers mind. The song “Guzarish” has very romantic lyrics and a unique soulful quality to it and Aamir khan’s new body only adds beauty to it, whereas the second song “BEHKA” has him in six super sexy get ups to woo his heroine. The song was extensively shot in South Africa for over 20 days.

Considering “perfectionist khan” the saying that comes to the mind is “THE PERFECTION OF A MAN LIES IN FINDING ALL HIS IMPERFECTIONS” and Aamir must be wondering what his imperfection is? Are there any stones that he has left unturned?

pixel Ghajini   Will it be as sensational as it seems?

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