Ghajini music review – Sensational!

AR Rahman and Aamir Khan have always been associated with innovativation and originality. Combine them and you get a super hit album. But with Ghajini “the bigger just got better!” Read this honest music review of Ghajini and listen to the tunes to judge for yourself.

  1. Guzarish: Perhaps the most hummed song this year after “kabhi kabhi aditi” (again AR Rahman!), comes Guzarish from rahman. This time too he gives a chance to Javed Ali (of ” jashn-e-bahaara” fame) who does not disappoint one bit. It has this unique kind of melody that is rare in hindi music these days. We for sure have heard such a pure and innocent tune after a long time!! This song had already created a buzz since it was first aired as the promotional song of the movie. The songs highest parts are “tu rang ja mere rang bas chalna tu mere sang sang”. Altogether it is a must for your iPod.
  2. Aye Bachu: An average song with simple, melodious tunes, Aye Bachu is the work of Suzanne. The song talks about a girl falling in love who can just close the lights and remember her lover. One would love it if “latka dikha diya tumne” from movie Hindustani clicked. Both have the same style in their compositions. Lyrics of these genre songs are hard to find these daysbut Mr. Prasoon Joshi (lyricist) gave what this song needed. Poetry and smooth lyrics.
  3. Bekha: Now comes the most funky song of the album. Reliving the “main aisa kyun hoon” days with this one, it is a must listen if you want a break from the monotonous tunes coming on the telly these days. Mr. Rahman just plays so brilliantly with beats and voices in this song; they goes fast one moment and suddenly come falling down, so smoothly that one just falls in love with it .Watch out for the “antara” and you would know what Rahman was missing for so long.
  4. Kaise mujhe: Another great song, coming straight from Mr. Rahman’s heart. Benny Dayal and Shreya Ghoshal do pure justice to the song, giving a romantic feel to it. The song is about lovers who are asking themselves how they meet each other? None of them is ready to believe that they are so perfect for each other. They are lucky enough to meet him and her and this is what they were actually looking all this while. The starting tune is a tragic one which turns into a question in some time. A must listen if one has just fallen in love.
  5. Latoo: A heavy orchestra song, this is one of the dancing tracks in the album and showcases Jiah khan as a nice character as she is the main focus in the song. Latoo does not sound like a Rahman song, instead it has influences commonly heard in the music of Vishal-Shekhar or Pritam. This time he has experimented and done something “hatke”.
  6. Kaise Mujhe (instrumental): As the name suggests, this one take the listener on a magic trip. Rahman has handled this one with extra care because the arrangements are complicated. The end result however is nothing short of a masterpiece.




Kaise Mujhe

Final Verdict:

One of the finest albums delivered by AR Rahman this year, it actually gives Jaane tu ya jaane na a run when and this goes on to prove the innovativeness of Aamir Khan and AR Rahman.

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