Firaaq Movie Review

Nandita das is a well known actress, her first directed film is Firaaq. This movie is based on godhra incident happened in Gujarat (2002). This film has gathered so much attention; it is only film which entered into 35th Toronto international film festival. This movie is related to communal riots. It is taken from real incident that happened in Gujarat in 2002. This movie shows how Indians and Muslims clashed in Gujarat. Accomplished actors are playing major roles in this movie. Casts of this movie are paresh rawal, Naseeruddin shah, raghubir Yadav, dipti naval, sanjay suri, and tisca chopra.

Firaaq is an Urdu word and it means quest and separation. Story is about Hindus and Muslims living in neighborhood. Hanif and muneera are two Muslims, who face communal threat and get ruined by neighbors. Hanif seeks challenge over his neighbors. In another place arati and sanjay don’t get attacked by hostilities but they also face challenges in that place. Main role in film is played by Naseeruddin Shah. In this movie he played role of an old musician called Khan Saheb. He tries to settle disputes occurred between Hindus and Muslims, but he fails to do so. This movie shows how a war took place between two strong communities of Gujarat. Overall performance of actors and actresses is excellent. It leaves a message “United we stand divided we fall”.

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